gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972

pilgrimage church, maria königin des friedens, neviges, germany 1963-1972.

architect: gottfried böhm, b.1920.


stairs, detail.


this photo was uploaded with a CC license and may be used free of charge and in any way you see fit.

if possible, please name photographer "SEIER+SEIER".

if not, don't.


my gottfried böhm set so far.

the böhm group, featuring the architecture of all three generations of böhm architects.

  • Ben Lepley 6y

    love the realing
  • -fCh- 6y

    What do you guys, the professionals, make of this rather [unique would be the word, but it doesn't sound just] combination of brick and concrete?

    Is Böhm humanizing the concrete with brick and soft touches of light? Elsewhere,
    gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972 by seier+seier
    he was even cutting the corners of the concrete walls/ceiling as if to diminish the bluntness of the concrete.

    However humanized, somehow, one is still suspended in a metaphysical space. To also hear what I mean, check this out:
  • seier+seier 6y

    yes, yes, yes - suspended in a metaphysical space, the fate of the romantic german artist! I think I have something for you in the next image and text (after supper!)
  • tano_um 6y

    Your sensitivity towards the real world is amazing! All the "good ones" are in your sets....thank you for sharing.
  • seier+seier 6y

    you are too kind, thanks for stopping by :)
  • mark-h2007 6y

    böhm, not half as mad as I thought after all....I'd only seen a few photos of this church before but now I'm struck by it considering a recent competition by mansilla and tunon, the gallery set against mountains.
    thanks for posting as ever, your trips cheer me up after a tough day....
  • seier+seier 6y

    thanks mark

    you know, when I was there I couldn't help thinking that someone out there is studying böhm's works from the 60's these days. there are also some small scale japanese projects that look strangely related.
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