arne jacobsen, aarhus town hall 1937-1942

aarhus town hall, aarhus, denmark, 1937-1942.

architects: arne jacobsen, 1902-1971, with erik møller, 1909-2002.


the imprint of the council chamber on the town hall floor is edged by a beech bench, possibly designed by the young hans j. wegner who worked for jacobsen in the late 1930's before his personal breakthrough.


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  • seier+seier 7y

    thanks, all.

    ekainj, I like the word pattern better than ornament, since ornament can be something entirely applied, and we are looking at two floors (ceramic closest to the entrance and wood further inside) and some seating - not a decoration...

    we have all witnessed the recent flourish of ornament in architecture. I can't help thinking that the architects in charge of it have reintroduced elements into building that will age quickly and not well, that is: elements of fashion... (but I have probably been reading too much adolf loos)
  • ekainj 7y

    you're right, I used an incorrect word
  • seier+seier 7y

    well, it is an important question you raise since there is so much life to the way these materials are applied compared with what we achieve today.
  • chris schroeer-heiermann 7y

    Damn, what an excellent shot. Nicely seen.
  • seier+seier 7y

    thanks :)
  • Chris Knight 7y

    This is so simple, as well as beautifully complex. What a wonderful eye you have.
  • seier+seier 7y

    thanks, c.k.
  • raffaelemariotti 6y

    I want to lick that wooden pavement
  • Jerry Kurjian 5y

    This is a great shot seier. There are patterns and there are incongruities. I like that the amplitude of the twill of the wooden flooring rises and falls.
    So many things to see.
  • seier+seier 5y

    that bog oak floor is unique in jacobsen's works. what he managed to do with what was essentially a war time material is unbelievable.

    (it is a war time material no-one can afford today, of course)

    good word, twill, with the woven quality of the flooring.

    nice shot!
  • seier+seier 5y

  • Rohini Chaudhury 1y

    You have excellent photographic skills. You are very talented, Sir. I am a fan :)
  • chris schroeer-heiermann 1y

    me too.
  • seier+seier 1y

    thank you, both. you are too kind.
  • anudral council 1y

    Hi, my name is Dora and this is my first time using a computer.
  • seier+seier 1y

    well done
  • chris schroeer-heiermann 1y

    made my day.
  • Mean Jawili 1y

    good day, sir! I am fascinated with the design ( of the wood) so, i made it as my wall as background. You had a great mind as a photography. God bless you, Sir!
  • seier+seier 1y

    thank you
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