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“Have an opinion. Elaborate.” / SML.20130408.PHIL | by See-ming Lee (SML)
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“Have an opinion. Elaborate.” / SML.20130408.PHIL

No one can say that they do not enjoy receiving the “likes” on their feed. But I enjoy the comments more—comments which explain why they like or dislike something. I don’t mind negative comments really. If we only receive kudos and no criticisms then we will never grow.


In America, I learned the arts of being “politically correct.” The problem with that stance is that I never really know what people are trying to tell me. I prefer direct and open communication. Sometimes it does hurt quite a bit, but it only hurts when we have ego. Once we remove the self-pride (which is one of the seven deadly sins), there is nothing to be hurt about.


I would much rather you tell me that you don’t like something than telling me that “it’s nice” but secretly hating it.


Please criticize me in my face and tell me you absolutely dread this crap that I am posting. If you tell me, I will correct my course and post relevant content that is of interest to you. Of course I could also agree to disagree with you.


Feedbacks—good or bad—are always good. There is no such thing as constructive vs destructive criticisms. For me, criticisms are always good. It is always feedback. But elaborate feedback are better, because we know the why.


Have an opinion. Elaborate.


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“Have an opinion. Elaborate.” / SML.20130408.PHIL

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Taken on April 8, 2013