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Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks: SML Channel on Vimeo / 2009-11-22 / SML Screenshots | by See-ming Lee (SML)
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Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks: SML Channel on Vimeo / 2009-11-22 / SML Screenshots



SML Pro Blog: Facebook + Flickr + Vimeo + YouTube: Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks


"I usually simulcast my videos on multiple video social networks: Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube. Many people ask me why I do this, so I thought that I would give give an analysis of these video networks, the pros + cons of posting to them, and the audience that they tend to attract...."


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Vimeo provides many social features not found on other networks.


You can tag people who appear in the video, but you can also provide credits and set different roles for people who were involved in the production.


On Vimeo, you can reference still photography directly. If you provide your photo URLs, Vimeo will display those photos / stills from the video on the video page. This is helpful in cases where others wish to blog about your video or post to image sharing networks.


I wrote a bash script to facilitate this process more easily: flickr2vimeo (hosted on github). This is how it works: open up a Flickr page in your browser with all the images you wish to include. This may be a set page, photos from tags, whatever. Make a selection of of those photos and then view selection source, copy and paste those HTML in a file and run the script in your shell: it will then dishes out the comma-separated URLs that Vimeo requires. I am sure that there is a more elegant way of doing this, but it works for now. Eventually I would like to allow tag input or URL input so I won't have to do the selection source step - feel free to develop on top of it!


Vimeo requires your content to be original, and prohibits commercial postings, as such, there is a relatively large and active art / filmmaker following. So this is a network that you should definitely post to if you have contents in this area. Like Flickr, Vimeo has a diverse and committed community who participate in groups, and posting your videos to those groups will allow you to reach a larger and targeted audience more easily.


On top of your user page, it is very easy to create your own channels, albums, etc. If your videos are episodic, this is very beneficial as they get clustered nicely without additional navigation.


Video Social Networks

+ Facebook

+ Flickr

+ Vimeo

+ YouTube


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Taken on November 22, 2009