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Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks: SML Channel on Flickr / 2009-11-22 / SML Sceenshots | by See-ming Lee (SML)
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Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks: SML Channel on Flickr / 2009-11-22 / SML Sceenshots



SML Pro Blog: Facebook + Flickr + Vimeo + YouTube: Simulcasting videos on multiple social networks


"I usually simulcast my videos on multiple video social networks: Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube. Many people ask me why I do this, so I thought that I would give give an analysis of these video networks, the pros + cons of posting to them, and the audience that they tend to attract...."


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Most of my videos feature still photography, and since Flickr has traditionally been my social network stronghold — I have 3,000,000+ views on my stream — so it makes sense for me to post to Flickr. I could also link the still photography references in the description area so if someone sees something in the video that video that they would like to use per Creative Commons, they can find the source within the network.


Groups on Flickr are diverse and plentiful. This means that you can post your video to a very targeted audience, often outside of your existing social networks (aka contacts).


One annoying aspect of Flickr videos is that there is no way for you to set a thumbnail, so even if the thumbnail selected by the system is not the a good representation of your video, you are pretty much stuck with it.


There is a video duration posting limit on Flickr. Videos can be up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you post videos that are longer than that, they will be 'cropped' automatically. If your video is longer than 1:30, what you can do is post a 90-sec clip teaser / trailer on Flickr and then refer to your video posted on other network. I usually try to keep them all at the same length unless it is impossible to do it in a single go. This limitation has in fact got me to be a better video editor — constraints tend to drive better creativity. Sometimes the videos (mostly interviews) can be broken down into multiple parts anyway, and I post these clips separately. You might get a higher view anyhow as it's a lot to ask someone to sit through a 10-min video, but if someone like your first 1:30 clip, chances are they are more likely to check out the other video parts.


Video Social Networks

+ Facebook

+ Flickr

+ Vimeo

+ YouTube


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Taken on November 22, 2009