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    Facebook Network
    Mapping a single person's social graph on Facebook and analysing the underlying clusters.

    + Family and friends of family.
    + Sexual orientation: gay aka extended family.
    + Education: high school, college.
    + Professional: co-workers, clients, industry events.
    + Interests: art, music, photography.
    + Random: by chance meetings, dates, social networks like Flickr and Twitter.

    Created using Nexus with Facebook relationship data of See-ming Lee on 2009-09-01. Nexus is a Facbook network visualizer and can be found at nexus.ludios.net. Cluster mapping and infographics created using Inkscape.

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    1. wordster1028 115 months ago | reply

      Very nice. Rather yummy looking.

    2. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply


      Thanks. Infographics are meant to be yummy. They represent large amount of data digestable in a short time. :)

    3. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      VERY nice.
      I'm interested in graph visualization too.
      I worked with yED but I'm not sure I use the good methodology.
      Indeed, analysis is interesting before to choose what you want to show/demonstrate, but as I like dynamic/generative vis, the analysis part is omitted ... I have to work more about that :-)

    4. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle


      Just as an fyi, this was not created using yED (although I do use it!)

      This was created using nexus.ludos.net/ - I would've loved to use yED to do it but I don't know what's an easy way to export relationship data with Facebook.

      I've tried using Facebook api before but it was troublesome that the app must be hosted on their site in order to use it. I guess I will have to develop on my Linux server instead of my desktop--but remote development is just annoying, for me at least because while nano is great, I'd prefer to use a GUI for most devs.

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    5. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      without nexus, you can use FB api through processing/java to use data and make the visu directly inside processing

    6. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      I did that with polanoid.net, a community around the polaroid.

      but it is old, and very bad done...
      today, I'd use java to grab data
      btw, it was cool to grab data without api, directly by finding pattern on the html page :-)

    7. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle

      The problem with FB API is that you have to host their app on their site.... or do you? A few years ago when I played with their API I had problems doing it just on my local machine. Maybe that's no longer the case (or that I have mistaken...) I will look into it...

    8. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      I'll work on it asap.
      code.google.com/p/facebook-java-api/ is a nice way to follow (I didn't follow it completely yet..)

    9. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle

      My Java is rusty. Actually everything is rusty now! I'll read through that API this afternoon. :)

      What I really hope that someone would implement (or create) is just a simple facebook network to XML (preferably graphML) api so other people can do whatever they want with it.

      It appears to me that everything pretty much depends on those XML data but I have found no simple tool to do it without getting into dealing with the APIs.

      The same is for Flickr contacts, LinkedIn contacts, etc.

      The reason why Nexus is interesting is because it exposes 2nd-degree maps, which is *the* key (as according to my own realization in my network theory readings) to most scale-free networks - this is also the reason why FriendFeed is successful because it exposes the friends' likes.

      I will hmm try to look into the Java thing you recommended...!

    10. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle

      Is there any python equiv or this?

    11. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      lastfm provides xml directly available.
      python could be a nice way too.
      I didn't find any pyth equiv for facebook

    12. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle

      oh yeah? Cool. Thanks!

    13. eight bubble [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

    14. See-ming Lee (SML) 115 months ago | reply

      julien bayle

      Thanks! I did read about this one.. it was on my todo list. Boy I need to get off my friendfeed and do some actual work :)

    15. Paul L Dineen 112 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting this to the group
      "Galleries: promote galleries" !

    16. eight bubble [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

      I revisited this page.
      nexus support is over
      do you have ideas about exporting all friends data from FB in a common format like GML ?

    17. See-ming Lee (SML) 105 months ago | reply

      @julien nexus support is over. I really don't know how to export friend data. That said you can download their sourcecode though I don't really know much about it...!!!

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