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Facebook Network / 2009 / SML | by See-ming Lee (SML)
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Facebook Network / 2009 / SML

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See SML Pro Blog: Facebook Network / 2009 / SML


Facebook Network

Mapping a single person's social graph on Facebook and analysing the underlying clusters.



+ Family and friends of family.

+ Sexual orientation: gay aka extended family.

+ Education: high school, college.

+ Professional: co-workers, clients, industry events.

+ Interests: art, music, photography.

+ Random: by chance meetings, dates, social networks like Flickr and Twitter.



Created using Nexus with Facebook relationship data of See-ming Lee on 2009-09-01. Nexus is a Facbook network visualizer and can be found at Cluster mapping and infographics created using Inkscape.

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Taken on September 2, 2009