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Jen+Peter Wedding 360: Wedding Invitation Post Cards 4: The RSVP / 2005 / SML | by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
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Jen+Peter Wedding 360: Wedding Invitation Post Cards 4: The RSVP / 2005 / SML

Wedding 360 / SML Projects (Set)

Wedding Invitations for the wedding of Jen Chen + Peter Evans.



The wedding invitation comes as a pack of postcards.




Bickham Script Pro is used to set a formal line of text to poke fun of the typically formal and often unreadable letterpress invites.


Helvetica Neue Std is used to recreate the same information in what an information designer would do given the same situation.


Bodoni 26 from P22 is used to create the title of the event. As a serif, it also functions as the link between the script face and the sans serif.


The idea of combining a script face with a modern face is to reinforce the theme which runs through the wedding: a synergy of masculine + feminine, modern + traditional, western + chinese, yin + yang.


Post Card Form factor


All the post cards are designed to meet US Postal Service standards. So these invitations double-duty as wish you were here postcards where the guest can send out at the event.


Post Card 1: The Roast

Post Card 2: The Celebration

Post Card 3: The Finale

Post Card 4: The RSVP

Post Card 4: The RSVP: Back. Pre-printed with the address where the card ought to be sent back.

Post Card 5: Festivity. The all-purpose postcard for the guests to keep if they have decided to mailed the first 3 postcards as wish you were here from the event.


Wedding Identity / Logo


Double Happiness (Google Image Search) reinterpreted using lines and geometric shapes. Graphically, the traditional symbol for wedding literally unite the first names of the woman and the man.


The logo also draws inpsiration from the icons for the male and female symbols. This influence is much more apparent when you flip the logo.




Instead of offset-printing, we printed these with a commercial postcard press (Modern Postcard). The bride only needed 120 sets of these, which is far less than the 250 minimum run.


All the postcards together cost 1,500 to print — it's a great deal when you consider offset-printing a limited-run offset printjob for the same design on a single card will easily cost more than 1,000.


Translation: The bride saved a lot of money and I've got more than a hundred extra for my portfolio.


SML Copyright Notice

Copyright 2004-2005 See-ming Lee (SML Pro Blog / SML LinkedIn). All rights reserved.

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Taken on May 2, 2005