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Our Version of Angry Birds

Lately it seems like everywhere you look this angry birds game is all the rage. I checked it out and thought meh..... BUT decided it could be fun to play a reality version of instead!


So after dinner on Sunday I challenged the family to my idea of angry birds. I set up target towers in various area's made from whatever was on hand, old cups, paper plates, sticks, a semi-inflated balloon from my birthday in Feb... then I broke out a slingshot and a bunch of boxes of those marshmallow peeps I got for 75% off after easter.


Let me just say that peeps are not exactly aerodynamic, which just made it all the more challenging. You lost points if your peep broke into multiple pieces before hitting a target. If a whole peep hit a spectator behind or beside you, you gained extra points just for the sheer laugh factor. Actually the gaining and loosing of points was completely arbitrary, the more we laughed the more points awarded.


I got busted cheating when I stuffed a small pebble into the center of a peep and took out an entire tower. Everyone knew I was fairly adept with a slingshot and that the peeps had me stymied, so a random amazing shot roused suspicion right away. I was awarded 5 extra points for originality, and had to chase down the peep to make sure the pebble was out so no animals ate it accidentally.


By the time we were done, we had no idea who scored the most points, but figured we all won cause it was a lot of belly laughs; and they were already plotting what would make better ammo for next year.


I am not much of a gamer... give me an old pinball machine and I'm in heaven. . But THIS I did enjoy, LOL

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Taken on April 15, 2012