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Where's All The Gold? | by GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare
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Where's All The Gold?

This came about quite by accident actually. Sorry about the length, but will give you an idea of where I am going and how you may be coming along with me ;)


Most of you know I have had chronic sinusitis for years, went to dr Fri am cause I couldn't stand the ice pick in my ear and was so dizzy I thought I was going to pass out, and found this time is a middle ear infection (no wonder). Got new drugs, came home around 3, slept til almost 9 played online til almost 3 slept til noon, went grocery shopping, came home and decided to play around with idea's for a new set I am working on.


The new set is dedicated to my contacts, with each picture focused on a specific contact. I am going to attempt to emulate whatever it is about in their work that inspires me, and at the same time try to incorporate something personal to them. I know, a daunting task... this will be an extreme challenge for me, especially because so many of you are so talented. I will generally not be able to reach the same level of expertise as many of you, which is why I decided to focus on one specific thing from each person.


I couldn't stand long enough to do housework or planting the rest of my garden. I thought about going out to take pics of my flowers, but it was windy and damp and I figured my ear would not appreciate it. I started working on one contact and by the time I got to this point it was a blend of 4 different contacts and I couldn't separate what was supposed to be who anymore. Decided to give up for a bit and look at what I had taken so far. I was using a piece of glittery scrapbook paper as a backdrop and ambient light tis crystal dish was only going to be there for another item to perch on so I didn't have to bend my head down to get the angle I wanted. This was just a test shot for lighting and position before I balanced the other item.


Needless to say I got distracted again and started playing in yet another direction. By this time I figured out I had taken over 200 shots and not a single one of them was what I intended. Talk about losing focus... It wasn't a waste, I got a couple unexpected shots like this and kept myself from pushing it and getting sicker. Oh yeah, it wasn't til I saw this on screen that I even noticed how the background had rainbowed like it was the pot of gold at the end of rainbow.


Hope you all will enjoy my new set, but it will be slow process. I will send you a link to yours when I get there. (won't be this weekend, am going to post this and see if I can navigate flickr without ending up lost somewhere)...

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Taken on June 11, 2011