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photo by secret squirrel

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Roadline Haulage of Cambellfield Massive Superliner Mack Dwarfs my Two Squirrels at Lardner Park Warragul=1988

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  1. Bill Humason 31 months ago | reply

    The Bulldog!!

  2. Atkinson4life 31 months ago | reply

    O gee now that is a truck.

  3. stuckInGear [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah now thats a beast!

  4. ESPEDGE 31 months ago | reply

    Someone's left their kids behind, at least they found a great spot to camp that Superliner is awesome. haha.

  5. bfaling 31 months ago | reply

    Those children look so cute sitting on the steps! Aww!

  6. pappa11 31 months ago | reply

    looks unreal bro classic

  7. secret squirrel6 31 months ago | reply

    Thanks Bill=hahah Yeah the Big Bulldog mate=Thanks Stuart Oh Yeah Now we are Talking eh mate=Thanks Trevor Sure was a Monster this one mate Mind Blowing=Thanks Gary=hahaha All Good My Missus would Kill if I did that hahahah=Thanks Bruce=Thanks Yeah they were Cuties and still are both of them Married themselves Now Boy seems like Yesterday I took this photo=Thanks Pappa Yeah he is a big Boy Bro could hardly fit into Screen =Thanks Jason when a Bulldog was a Bulldog big Tuff Trucks thanks Jason=Pappa=Bruce=Gary=Trevor=Stuart=Bill

  8. Thrashzilla 29 months ago | reply

    Now I've found a mighty bulldog classic-----a unique Superliner with raised bonnet, cab, & sleeper.

  9. secret squirrel6 29 months ago | reply

    Thanks MP=Yeah mate this was the only Time I ever saw this one it was a Monster hahaha thanks MP

  10. Maïclo 24 months ago | reply

    Photography is Photography,NO RULES! Seen In:

    The Group: N0 BAN ! NO RULES ! N0 DETECTIVE !!!

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