Filmed by secret squirrel

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{For Craig}=A Quick Little Video of a nice S-Line International from Sale seen here Mirboo North in 2010

  1. squeeka1 39 months ago | reply

    Possom pederson,s s-line

  2. secret squirrel6 39 months ago | reply

    Thanks Squeeka=Aaaaah Yeah I know that name did he years ago have a Cabover Kenworth Green and white I think it was and I think he had a Blue Western Star too I think it might be same bloke but Im not sure thanks Squeeka

  3. squeeka1 39 months ago | reply


  4. secret squirrel6 39 months ago | reply

    Thanks Squeeka=Aaaaaaaaah Right Yeah thanks for that Great Info I have some Photos of him in the Western Star loaded with Hay at Trafalgar Fueling Up and I think I have a little bit of Footage of him at Thorpy too I will try and find it and I have some footage of the Cabover too I will get it going on line soon thanks for great Info Squeeka

  5. atkinson3800 39 months ago | reply

    ahhh it wont load ill have to wait to watch it but i know what truck it is and knew you would have it somewhere. it has a bit of an ex safeway look about it does any one know where it come from? cant wait to watch it now

  6. atkinson3800 39 months ago | reply

    now it bloody works lol. excellent make sure thats on the next dvd i get off you. i see him a bit but only on the freeway so can never get a shot

  7. secret squirrel6 39 months ago | reply

    Thanks Craig=Yeah my Computor pretty slow on the Videos for some reason I might be overloaded hahaha Yeah he is a real tuff truck this one and it does have that Safeway look about him Squeeka might know and yeah ok I will dig it out My Video Recorder has packed it in o me wont fire up at all I think she Dead which is a Bummer because I need it to get my stumm oaded up Grrrrrrrr although I might have overworked the poor old gil hahahah

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