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    Alan Doherty and his Mighty Kenworth seen at Oasis Truck Stop Melbourne in 1989

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    1. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Nick yeah this was awesome i loved getting shots at this truck stop plenty of space and lots of great rigs rolling in and out its a pity the new truck stop is not as good its pretty cramped i really miss this oneThanks Nick and thanks Vincent

    2. Outlaw 13 57 months ago | reply

      Truckstops , even here they are not what they use to be ! Most of them took out sit down food & replaced it with fastfood , like McDonalds or Subway ! I am thinking the good ol' days will never be the same again ! Oops in my tiny rant I forgot to say Great photo ! LOL !

    3. Gloria1207 57 months ago | reply

      Wow this is an oldie great capture

    4. redwagon66 57 months ago | reply

      looks like the old days thanks craig havent talked to you for a while

    5. pappa11 57 months ago | reply

      another classic outstanding

    6. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Don hahaha thats ok mate i agree one hundred percent=Thanks Gloria yeah a blast from the past here mate=Thanks Jerry Gidday mate yeah i have been worried about hope everything ok mate good to hear from you=Thanks Pappa yeah these were great times and loved every bit of it hahah Thanks Pappa=Jerry=Gloria=Don

    7. wob2007 57 months ago | reply

      Might have some extra info on this one Craig, Hope im not wrong. Being a Wollongong boy and keen on trucks, the Doherty name is well known up here I believe that when this particular KW came out the model was referred to as a Classic, the first 20 buyers went into a raffle for a Harley. Legend has it that Alan won and to this days is still involved with a Harley Club here in the Gong. Another story from days gone by was that AD also had a double roadtrain running regularly out of Pt Lincoln to the North of WA. Hope we can unearth more info on that, i do recall seeing a p/m (inter i believe) go thru Cann rvr the year Wayne Gardner won at Phillip Island Im keen to learn more if anyone can help.

    8. wob2007 57 months ago | reply

      Great shot and part of History, thanks Craig, so glad you got it.

    9. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Warren oh right mate wow thats some great info right there im wondering if Joe Hupp might know a bit more on it mate lets hope we can help you out thanks Warren

    10. C501 [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      Check out the side of the bonnet! 475 ponies would have been HUGE back then! Used to be a picture of this in the BP Roadhouse in Pinnaroo. Used to love looking at it, first time Ive seen a photo of it since then! Great photo.

    11. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Matt oh yeah i did see that wow so they had a photo on the wall there did they did it have this trailer on Sure was a big boy that is still a lot of grunt today let alone back then Me was a lucky boy this day thanks Matt

    12. C501 [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      Yeah, Im pretty sure it was this one! I always thought it was a T900 in the photo when I was younger, But I also remember marvelling at the words "Twin turbo" emblazoned on the bonnet! Cant remember what trailer it had on. Had a few good photos in there. When they got rid of them all, my mates dad got him the one of Singletons T900 on a triple. Lucky bugger......

    13. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Matt hahah he sure was a lucky bugga yeah right im always thought this was a W-Model hang on when did they start making the T-900s Mmmmmm oh well its a great rig haha thanks Matt

    14. C501 [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      Yeah, this ones a W model for sure. Ive been told that the photo in Pinnaroo had to have been this W Model, cos they never fitted the twin turbo Detroits to the T900s. I was young when I used to go through Pinnaroo, so I mustnt have been looking at the picture well enough! haha.

    15. secret squirrel6 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Matt hahah yeah well when i see a classic like this im like a stunned mullet and forget to get all the details hahaha never mind the truck speaks for its self eh thanks Matt great info mate thats appreciated

    16. ESPEDGE 57 months ago | reply

      Classic W model, from memory this one, or one just like it, was in one of the major truck shows back when it was new. Awsome to see the big rig.

    17. quarterdeck888 55 months ago | reply

      Its got an NTC 475 twin turbo "Cummins" not an 892 Detroit...

    18. secret squirrel6 54 months ago | reply

      Thanks Gary oh yeah fair dinkum mate god i can just imagine how good that must of looked what a beast she was this truck could carry my gods any day hahaha=Thanks Russell oh right gee thats great Info mate i never got to see him take off he was here on a weekend must of been waiting for Monday to roll around was the feeling i got thanks Heaps for the great Info boys Gary=Russell

    19. vanekdarren [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

      No wonder my Dad used to say "look out here comes a Doherty's truck" Although he was driving a Volvo G88 at the anything would round him up. Was this in later years, its looking a bit rough.

    20. secret squirrel6 45 months ago | reply

      Thanks Darren Oh right Im not sure how many miles he had done in this one when I took the shot but was a big truck back then and Your Dad must of had a good realiable truck in the G-89 Thanks Darren

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