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The Late Great Jack Caldow and his Stunning Reo seen here at home base in Trafalgar in 1979

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  1. pappa11 58 months ago | reply

    only got the one air cleaner here god knows were they found another the best reo in the land

  2. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks Pappa yeah have to agree with that mate and just about the best truck in the land too sure have been some changes over the years to the mighty beast thanks Pappa

  3. Roses&Rails Photography [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    Awesome creature and a really cool Diamond Reo.

  4. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks Debbie yes a fantastic rig this one thanks for the note too Debbie

  5. ESPEDGE 58 months ago | reply

    That looks awsome front on, Craig. Top shot mate.

  6. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks Gary yeah there sure has been a lot of changes to the old girl over the years its so great that she is still on the road although i think they use as a show truck only now which is great thanks Gary

  7. brotherbrad 58 months ago | reply

    Have to agree with the brothers,Gentleman Jack had her looking the sharpest and dont forget it was running the newel every week in the 70s,bit to cool really

  8. Gloria1207 58 months ago | reply

    boy that grill bar is bigger than the truck great capture

  9. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks Gloria yeah this one would reaally protect the big Reo thanks Gloria=Thanks Brotherbrad yeah had to do it the hard way he was old school for sure when i drive past this street now i still have a bit of a look to see if its parked there but no its not but its in my mind anyway thanks Brotherbrad

  10. brotherbrad 58 months ago | reply

    im waiting for gunnys sar parked over the other side of the street because i remember you taking a heap of shots of that

  11. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

    Thanks Brotherbrad oh yeah i have been holding back on that one but the time is coming very near so keep a look out their thanks Brotherbrad

  12. sir jack-kerry 45 months ago | reply

    Hello, Just recently my sisters and I were made aware of this website with the photos of our dad's truck and all the amazing comments about Jack and his rig. To say we were gobsmacked is an understatement. We were always very proud of him, and to us he is a legend, but, to see dad referred to as a legend here is just awesome.
    Dad was of course, of the old school, but, he always had a CB and always talked of getting a sleeper, but, he was a perfectionist and it had to be the right one. Dad had done the truck up including the sleeper before he died - the paint job looked fantastic. Terry had it re-painted when he bought it, and we are thrilled the truck is back home in Traf where it belongs. Keep up the great work. Cheers

  13. secret squirrel6 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kerry=AaaaaaH tHANKS SO Much for the Kind Comments Yeah He was always a hero for me he never knew it though hahaha I was kind of scared of him because I was always in awe of him but I always used to wait for him to come back from Brisbane I would ride past on my Pushy on a Saturday Morning to see if he was home and get a bit worried if he was not there I remember one time however he was in need of a truck to go and get his paper out at the Mill so he Rang Logger Brown up and away we went in the old Volvo Log truck with me sitting in the Middle between Logger Brown and Sir Jack I was shaking like a leaf and to watch him load that Paper Kerry left me speechless and Logger Brown was also left speechless too hahaha Im about to upload a photo of the Reo from Alexandra this year so its funny how you have commented I was just about to upload it when I saw your comment any way thanks heaps Kerry Im really glad you found my site and feel free to make any comments mate

  14. sir jack-kerry 45 months ago | reply

    Wow, I did not expect a reply this quick. Thank you. Actually, I'm just learning to use a computer etc. , when I figure out what I'm doing I'll put some photos up as well. I don't know if many of you knew that dad intended to build a new truck from scratch and he would have. He had everything he needed from chassis rails, cab, bonnet, engine etc. etc. And we've still

  15. sir jack-kerry 45 months ago | reply

    got it all, most anyway. We sold the engine to a bus company in Melb. round about the time we sold the truck to Terry. But it is all still there. Guess we had better make a move on that sometime !! When we were sorting through Dad's treasures, we came across a pair of remote controlled side mirrors. I didn't know such a thing existed, but of coarse, I married a farmer who is not mechanically minded. I've really enjoyed checking out all the photos, brings back a lot of memories,Especially seeing the shots taken in Traf. Actually, I will be back in our old hometown, very briefly for a school reunion lunch at the pub soon. Looking forward to it. Cheers

  16. secret squirrel6 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kerry Yeah need a special Licence to drive these Computors I am always Yealling out to my Daughter for HELP hahahaha I wont tell you what she calls me but you can Imagine Would be great to see those photos and I think it would be good for our Future Generaions to have a look back after we are Long Gone and Oh wow so was he doing up another Reo was he Kerry Yeah My Brother had heard about that he was just telling me I had heard that Terry was building another Reo But I am not too sure about that just something you hear around the traps and hey Did you go to Traf High I did too but I cant remember you Im sorry youmust be Younger than me maybe So is that a Traf High reunion is it My Mum still lives in Traf so Im there quiet a bit checking on her Thanks for all the Great Info Kerry

  17. sir jack-kerry 45 months ago | reply

    Hello there, yes I did go to Traf high, but this is a Traf primary reunion. 1958 grade 3 class in fact. So that makes me a lot older than you. This Friday, and I'm not looking forward to the freezing weather down there, i can tell you. gotta go , cheers

  18. secret squirrel6 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kerry Aah Yeah right hahaha Im not going to say anything about the age difference I will get myself into trouble LOL and dont worry about the whether I can tell you it will be magnificent as always ahahahah thanks Kerry I hope you have a great time

  19. sir jack-kerry 45 months ago | reply

    Hi Craig, I did have a great time. It was interesting try to guess the identity of some class mates. And, the weather was fantastic, did not need the thermals at all.

  20. secret squirrel6 40 months ago | reply

    hahahah Thats excellent Kerry Its always fine down here I told you ahahaha I wish sorry for late reply Kerry

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