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    Big old Leader seen here at Thorpdale with a load of Spuds in 1983

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    1. redwagon66 58 months ago | reply

      lots of taters

    2. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Jerry yeah mate they make you big and strong but dunno what happened with me though oh well they work on most people anyway LOL Thanks Jerry

    3. Doc100 58 months ago | reply

      Austrailians must really have a serious crave for spuds. I luv spuds too.

    4. hotsquirrel 58 months ago | reply

      What weight would this load of spuds be secret S?

    5. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Doc hahahah yeah sure do luv the spudys just think all of these spuds have been eaten long ago LOL=Thanks Fellow Squirrel well im not too sure of this truck and trailers weight but im sure back then that each bag weighed in at 65kg and they could put about 460 bags on a load if my memory serves me correctly and all hand Loaded ( ouch my back ) LOL Thanks Fellow Squirrel

    6. atkipete 58 months ago | reply

      The Leader is that set back axle version, Overlander I think.

    7. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Pete oh yeah i knew there was a name for them but just couldnt remember so thats great thanks for that info Pete i remember this truck she was a beast

    8. atkipete 58 months ago | reply

      Well my memory isnt that good, had a look at the Leader book by Rob Laurent which has all the info.

    9. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Pete =hahaha fantastic mate thank god for those books used to know it all but now have to refer back to the books good work mate its appreciated thanks Pete

    10. ESPEDGE 58 months ago | reply

      Pete I have that same Leader book and its brilliant. Well worth a read for anyone interested in Aussie trucks. My favourite is the BWL-406 bonnetted Leaders Brambles had.
      Thanks for this shot Craig.

    11. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Gary oh right its an Aussie book is this truck in it maybe ? will have to chase it up thanks Gary i need all the help i can get LOL

    12. atkipete 58 months ago | reply

      Have a look at it is a great book and has a lot about Mack as well. The bloke who built the Leader trucks, Cyril Anderson was also part of the Mack organisation. Which is why the Leader used a copy of the F model Mack cab.

    13. secret squirrel6 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Pete oh thats awesmoe mate thanks so much for this thats great info thanks Pete

    14. Joe Hupp - Truck Photographer 57 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called World Trucks, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Pete and Squirrel,

      It's a Foward Lowered (FL) cab model - for example, hypothetically speaking - if a A8-208 MidRanger had this cab, it's model nomenclature would read A8-208FL! This one would be a A6-306FL from memory - the sleeper cabbed Leaders were known as the "Sundowner"!


    15. secret squirrel6 54 months ago | reply

      Thanks Joe gee thats fantastic Info mate thanks heaps didnt see to many of these

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