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BILBAO_01_B&W_30X40 ESTACION_02_B&W_1 HDR_IRENE_B&W_30x40 PLAYA_B&W_30x40 BARDENAS_B&W_30x40 PALLOZA_B&W_30x40 D90_10_02_07_342 D90_255_B&W_20x40 D90_222_B&W_30x40 D90_176_C_50x70 D90_168_B&W_40x40 D90_160_B&W_30x40 D90_001_B&W_30x40 D90_152_B&W_30x40 _DSC0268_C_40x50 _DSC0264_C_30x40 _DSC0256_C_30x50 _DSC0242_C_30x40 GURPIDE_054_B&W_20x50 GURPIDE_030_C_30x40

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evolution of ray says:

a wonderful collection of B&W .. and such varied subjects as well
Posted 82 months ago. ( permalink )

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