Last night my kisses were banked in black hair

Smothered me, my lover with her beautiful black hair

The smell of it is heavy. It is charged with life

On my fingers the smell of her deep black hair



Tonight I played the piano (organ, really) for the first time in what must be over a two year's time. Felt.. familiar, yet strange. I (barely) learned to play Into My Arms and the full Black Hair by Nick Cave. Two beautiful songs, with the latter being amongst my favourite songs by any band ever (you can't top Lateralus by Tool however).

It's almost 4AM now though so I will have to call it a night and continue practicing tomorrow.


Just wanted to share.


Camera: Nikon D80

ISO Speed: 320

Exposure: 8 sec (8)

Aperture: f/5.6

Focal Length: 135 mm


Software used: Lightroom for exposure and lens vignetting (altough the majourity of it was caused by the broken lens). Photoshop CS3 for contrast and color balance.

  • Björn Söderqvist 7y

    Music is my aeroplane. I must remember to get some practice too, it must be months since I touched the bass.
  • laura scott 7y

    So full of expression! Well done! Great photos.........
    Have fun with your new IR filter. Which one did you get?
  • Sebastian Fritzon 7y

    Thanks, I got the uh, this one. Not sure what brand it is really.
  • Kaer_Trouz 7y

    love this, I featured it on my music diary
    Will Anyone Hear This
    sigh, open source art saves my life.
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