Kumanoko Puffy BabyBear
*Kumanoko Puffy BabyBear*

February 2005 - December 30th 2006

- Golden/Syrian Hamster
- Black Eyed Cream Satin
- Male

He was our 5th hamster, and he's my dearest hamster.
His smile always made me happy.
He had a GREAT personality.
He came to our house on May 28th 2005 (when he was 3 months old).
He passed away on December 30th 2006.


Q. Why does Kumanoko eat crushed food?
Because of his inherent teeth problem.
His front teeth doesn't meet each other, so his food needs to be crushed.
We take him to the vet every month for teeth clip and check-up.

About his teeth problems
Normally Hamster has 4 front teeth (2 top and 2 bottom).
But he has only 2 teeth (1 top and 1 bottom).
And his bottom tooth doesn't grow and top tooth doesn't grow straight. It grows in a wrong way.
That's why he can't chew correctly.
He needs to go to the vet every month to clip it.
So I need to crush all of his food for him.

Q. Are his eyes okay?
It is just the way he is.
It is related to his teeth problem.
So we keep an eye on him.

Thank you for reading!

Additional Note
He had a top tooth remove surgery on June 13th 2006.
The surgery was successed!
He's fine now.
Thank you very much for your support!
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