Kuma, You don't like me anymore? *Kumanoko*

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    He was drinking water! :P

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    1. KitschKat 116 months ago | reply

      Hee hee! Excellent! Reminds me of my hamster, Lumpo. :-D

    2. Seattle Roll 116 months ago | reply

      > KitschKat
      Thank you!! :D
      Lumpo, what a cute name!

    3. KitschKat 116 months ago | reply

      My other hamster was named: Grumpo 'cause he wasn't so nice. Hee hee.

    4. roschler 116 months ago | reply

      No, Grumpo was unhappy because one of your cats ate Lumpo!

    5. Seattle Roll 116 months ago | reply

      > KitschKat and roschler
      I wanna see their pictures. :>
      Is there any pictures of them?

    6. KitschKat 116 months ago | reply

      Actually, Grumpo killed Lumpo. Truth is out. There it is..a sad chapter in my companion animal's life...Dunno what caused it as I was just a little girl when I had them. Photos? Hmmm...that might be tricky to find, but I'll see what I can do. The only things my cats can get now are a rare (and v. stupid) field mouse or a bug (hopefully, equally as rare).

    7. KitschKat 116 months ago | reply

      BTW, your photos make me miss my hamsters! Better not risk getting any more though!

    8. Seattle Roll 116 months ago | reply

      In real life, I've never seen that scene (cat caught mouse)!!!

      your photos make me....
      Thank you very much for your complement! :DD

      And I forgot to say thanks for adding me your contacts!
      I added you to mine too :>

    9. KitschKat 116 months ago | reply

      Aww..thank you, too! I got a cool book from Japan on Hamsters around here somewhere. I have to go find it. It's really cute, but you've probably seen it!

      Hamsters are COOL!

    10. Seattle Roll 116 months ago | reply

      > KitschKat
      That book is comics?
      If so, I've never seen it!
      I know there is famous hamster comics (not Hamtaro) in Japan.
      When I go back to Japan, I will buy it :))

    11. getthebubbles 111 months ago | reply

      I added this to the Showing off for Others Group because I like it!

    12. Seattle Roll 111 months ago | reply

      > getthebubbles
      Thank you!! :))

    13. Kerry E 111 months ago | reply

      This is brilliant!

    14. cknlomein 111 months ago | reply

      ahahhaa did you tell Kuma he isn't getting anymore broccoli?

    15. Seattle Roll 111 months ago | reply

      > Kerry E
      Thank you :))

      > cknlomein
      Hahaha, maybe I did! :P (Joke!)

    16. jade_c 108 months ago | reply

      oo cheeky!

    17. Seattle Roll 84 months ago | reply

      Yeah :DD
      (Oops....24 months later reply @_@ )

    18. jade_c 84 months ago | reply

      Hahhahahaah! Two years sure is long. :P

    19. lilkoreana 84 months ago | reply

      HAHA!!! Great capture!

    20. Seattle Roll 83 months ago | reply

      Yup, sorry about that ;DD

      Thanks! He was great...I still miss him so much :((

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