Through Goat Island to the Undercliff
As a result the original route of the Coast Path was closed and a diversion posted which went inland. In April 2016 a new route was opened which bypasses the land slide yet leads through the Undercliff now giving more glimpses of the sea than the original route.

From Seaton the start of the Undercliff walk follows the original, through the golf course, along the bridle way, into the coastal fields. Where the path used to decend into the Undercliff a new section has been opened which continues through the fields to a point where the path passes into the Chasm. From here the path leads down into the Chasm and up to Goat Island. The walk continues across Goat Island to steps leading into the Chasm on the far side. Decending the steps through the Undercliff the route then takes you to rejoin the original path of the Undercliff walk
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