1927 BSA Model B Deluxe, back on the road.
This is my 1927 BSA that I have been restoring this 1927 BSA Model B Deluxe for about a year and a half. Prior to my purchasing it, the bike had spent decades as a display-only wall decoration in a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. This video is the first time it was started after it's long sleep. The engine is completely rebuilt with a new crankpin, connecting rod insert, upper bush, big-end bearings, crank locating bearings, and piston rings. The engine internals were supplied by Alpha Bearing in the UK. The magneto was refurbish and a new capacitor added by Mainely Magnetos. Everything else has been gone through and as little restoration was done as possible to make the machine safe and rideable, but still have a bit of patina to it.
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