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Sunrise Point at Mt. Rainier

This is a travel story - how I am afraid to travel... But I am - traveling.


One of the things that I have kept close to my chest, for fear of judgment or rejection, is the way in which PTSD manifests in my life - most notably with traveling. And so, this whole journey has been a step by step, day by day, sort of adventure. One that could be doomed to fail at any second or could be a great healing and triumph. And so, as I prepare to leave for Yosemite, that fear raises its ugly head and I walk through the steps, one at a time. I have a goal and the only way to get there is to keep going. I have passion for photography, words and nature and I can't capture my essence without getting out of the house.


I have written a blog post about PTSD and my fear of traveling:


As for the photo taken at Sunrise Point at Mt. Rainier, I could not have ever gotten there without the healing that has taken place. Every vista, every mile, is a victory.


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Taken on September 8, 2011