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Look behind you



Was at the bridge one night and turned to look behind me, North up Zion Canyon and the light that was falling on the rocks, combined with the whisps of color in the sky, took my breath away. This only lasted for a minute or two and so I had to act quickly.


Good night Zion.


I left yesterday afternoon, after having breakfast at a little cafe on the outskirts of town, where the locals like to hang out, and boy was it good. There a month and I don't discover that gem until on my way out. Way better than anything I had in town but then I only ate out a couple of times. My goal for yesterday was simply to get past Las Vegas before the weekday traffic started in but I made it all of the way to my destination. The RV park was closed so I found a spot, pulled over and had the best nights sleep. Woke up and the air had a slight, pleasurable chill to it and I kept asking myself why did it feel so different, so cozy. Oh yeah, it isn't bitter cold. I lay there for a long while, relishing my relaxed, comfortable state, before heading into town for coffee. First Starbucks in over a month! That was weird but it was also ultra expensive and so that won't be happening much. Still, it was good. Can't find one drive up coffee place - left those behind all the way back in CDA. Then I went to the car wash and washed the car and trailer - I appreciate a good car wash and this was one of them. One of my new favorite locations.


Then off to the park. They had assigned me a space but when I arrived they handed me a list of available sites and said that a river site had opened up. I diligently walked to each site, saving the river one for last, not wanting to get too excited. Well, my little slice of heaven is on a larger corner lot with a private covered balcony on the river and a private dock below that. I kept walking out onto my balcony and just staring. There were birds out there playing in the water and bunny rabbits hopping all around on land. Just amazing. All of my neighbors just come down on weekends or summers, or whatevers - they don't live here full time. The whole corner to myself. You wouldn't believe how quiet it is. Okay, that is enough.


To view my winter home, see the next photo. I'll post more after I fix the place up. Got some ideas on how to personalize the space and make it more homey. Now I can edit and look out at the river, or take my computer and monitor to the picnic table and sit outside and work.

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Taken on November 17, 2011