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Hi everyone. I was going to post a shot of the Oxbow with the morning light on the tall aspen trees and reflections in the still water but you've all seen that, right? The colors are so intense I was half thinking they needed to be desaturated. Maybe tomorrow if I can get back on. This grouse greeted me at the campsite when I pulled into the Tetons and was nice enough to pose in the tree as the last of the day's light was fading away. Someone told me what type of grouse it is but I forget - sage, I think.


A magical day of shooting, amidst still trying to resolve trailer difficulties. For the past two weeks we had been trying to resolve power issues for dry camping - a lot of work and no small expense. So, we thought that they were pretty well resolved and that I should be set. Wrong, up in Yellowstone, while I was freezing, the battery went dead. Well that is what backup battery lanterns and headlamps are for, right? Well, one of the important reasons for needing power, besides the water pump, was to be able to edit photos on an external monitor because I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. And so, I had not been able to work on any photos, except the bull elk but there was no real editing there, and have been falling further and further behind. More stress. I have fallen way behind on a number of items while trying to get the trailer running. Well, today I went into Jackson and spent $140 for a new battery. Turns out that the "new" battery was quite old and not even the right type. If anyone runs across that Ron Spears guy out there in El Dorado, CA and is tempted to buy something from him, don't. Get this, I had not used the bathroom portion of the trailer but when I went to learn how to empty the tanks yesterday I pulled the lever and it turns out that the thing was full! Now, wouldn't you expect someone to empty his crap out of the toilet before selling the trailer? It gets worse. He went over to my brother's house while we were gone (I was out buying a 30 - 110 adapter to fit the power cords) and he took the 30 cord, put water in the tank and left the shower on. So, when I got home and went to put the adapter on the cord, it didn't need one any longer. I plugged the 110 into Dan's extension cord and the shower started running all over everything. We felt so violated that this guy did this. Supposedly he remodeled the trailer and stuff but most of it is falling apart and so I am having to redo his fixes. Good thing that I thought to bring tools. Wish I had brought my hat and gloves though, it is cold.


And so now you get a little idea of the craziness that I have been dealing with. Bright spot though. I was able to hook up the monitor and edit some shots tonight. That felt good. I only worked on a few because I didn't want to run down the battery too much - it is a start. Things are slowly getting worked out, even while on the road. Now I just need to figure out cooking but that might be awhile because the rest has drained the funds. Maybe I should sell some photos!


At the moment I am in front of the Signal Mountain Lodge - it has the best hot spot in the park - and it is past my bed time, considering I am up at around 4:30 or 5 every morning. Thanks for taking a look. Progress, not perfection. Oh, and by the way, the Tetons are spectacular and there is a cute black bear that is hanging around quite a lot. More fun tomorrow.

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Taken on September 27, 2011