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Grizzly sow and cub

Grizzly sow #399 and the cutest grizzly cub in the whole world.


399 is a research bear, which is how she got her number, and has been trapped several times, a practice that is of concern to those who love this bear. The trappers were in 399's territory while I was there and many were worried that she would be trapped and that her cubs would be exposed during the night to predators. And then 399 vanished for a week and there was a lot of speculating about where she was. Last I heard, two days ago, was that all was well with the sow and her three cubs, though she is still staying far away from the roads.


My body is drained of energy, emotionally and physically. I am not prone to naps but there have been several. I fall asleep and the visions/dreams are of grizzly bears in the wildflowers, crossing the road, emerging from the willows, standing on their hind legs, scratching their bellies, digging for grubs, chasing elk...the list goes on. There is no comfort, no relief, to be back in my bed or on my couch. Though I do appreciate the larger computer monitor. I have been watching movies about young people, horses and grizzly bears - the ones that are guaranteed to make me cry at the end. I would take balsam root and wild lupine over roses and peonies any day.


As I seek to regain my energy and to slowly unpack there is only one urge, to hop in the car and do it all over again. But, alas, there is work to do. Photos to be edited and submitted to the stock agency, an interview, website to update and a trip to Mt. Rainier to plan. I am one lucky woman. There were some trials on the trip and they were a bit devastating but serendipity was the norm and not the rare occasion.

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Taken on February 2, 2012