Tesla Coils Experiment

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    1 million volts creating arcs of electricity discharging through the air. An on-stage reproduction of a lightening strike, in the front row you can smell ozone.

    1. dazedandconfused1984 112 months ago | reply

      I saw that on the tele,some dude stood in between him but he had a meshed cage around him and the volts of electricity where bouncing off the cage.

    2. seanP 112 months ago | reply

      Yeah, science rule - electricity takes path of least resistance and the cage was metal. Word on the floor was they had to pay €12million insurance, unsubtansiated rumor but interesting non-the-less.

    3. mushroomdaughter 112 months ago | reply

      Flabergasted!!!It rocked,I have to say I was amazed,it's all very wonderful

    4. lewtheprof 30 months ago | reply

      What is "lightening?" Some kind of skin whitening product for blotchy skin tone?
      Also, I doubt it was "ozone" they were smelling, as it is usually, only largely produced by the short range, short wave UV light emitted by the high temperatures reached by and within the conductive path of a 'lightning' bolt. The corona type discharge seen in these pictures, dominantly (some ozone too) yields massive amounts of Nitrogen Dioxide (N2O4), also an irritating and pungent chemical, but nonetheless a different smelling substance, being a basic component of smog and in sufficiently high concentrations, appearing reddish brown. Ozone, on the other hand, is very short lived due to its reactivity and instability, and is colorless. When combined with water molecules (a very rapid process), ozone forms hydrogen peroxide (and oxygen), which itself is very unstable and is then quickly broken down into water and oxygen in the presence of ordinary sunlight. It does NOT make it into the upper atmosphere!

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