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    1. seanorr 25 months ago | reply

      Late Winter purview: A Coyote! I think he is stuck on that side of the tracks now
      he was very very skinny
      and dogs dont travel alone
      He was fenced in
      Also though, the creosote log last week at the Lorri introduction (low tide) is now dislodged. Did not move any rocks today.

    2. seanorr 24 months ago | reply

      Attendance: Lorri (Golden Goddess), Diana (Jr. Clam Princess), and Sean Orr (President and CFO). Among the discoveries- 1 very large Sun Star (Solaster stimpsoni:, those 2 geese, baby starfish, many clams. One of them discovered later at home inside rock like this:

    3. seanorr 24 months ago | reply

      Addendum: Lowest tide of the year- neap? Estuary forming, rivulets underground. Extended breakwater to farthest point. The farthest shore, a day so unseasonable in a sense- it's not summer. Dad boats.

    4. seanorr 24 months ago | reply

      Attendance: Leroy (stagger) and Helicopter enthusiast (massive carrier- total seaspray!). A new duck. Stream is dry. Use outgoing tide to wiggle rocks like teeth. Sea worms. They didn't pray among our followers. The Estuary.

    5. seanorr 24 months ago | reply

      Kinnick-Kinnick is red willow bark, mulle(i)n, bearberry, osha root, yerba santa.

    6. seanorr 24 months ago | reply

      Thoughts now turn to summer; after a surprise summerspring (it must turn cold) we have all tabulated and bore ourselves prostrate. Group shows and fevered optimism aside- the focus must now lie on a more formal approach to beachmaking. Real science now. Ahead.

    7. seanorr 23 months ago | reply

      A major splash- a seal attack? orca?

      A fish getting battered... up against the rocks because it is so windy.

      So many things in the air right now.

    8. seanorr 22 months ago | reply

      Basic breakwater maintenance schedule. much IPA. Cruise ship traffic up 30%. raking the wind and farming the sand.

    9. seanorr 22 months ago | reply

      Attendance: Stepdad Dave, Rana, Randy, Mommy; Stargoddess Lorri, me. Skipping record of 11 + distance achieved. Ring my Bell playing on Radiance of the Sea. Dog incident:

    10. seanorr 22 months ago | reply

      Addendum: offering of flowers revealed!

    11. seanorr 22 months ago | reply

      Addendum: WHALES!!!!!

    12. seanorr 21 months ago | reply

      Giant Hogweed sighting. Evidence of cut-offs, a few butts, and a bottlecap. Man who looked like Jerry Stiller offered me a smoke. Creek partially destroyed. Heron on way back.

    13. seanorr 19 months ago | reply

      New bench over looking beach installed. Two crack people asked us, "hey do you wanna see a baby sturgeon?". We said yes. It was an eel. They fought about what kind of container to put it in so they could take it home. Saw Cloudface, sat for a bit. Left.

    14. seanorr 19 months ago | reply

      Here is the new bench. Thanks to the City of Vancouver for their help:

    15. seanorr 13 months ago | reply

      New developments. Main log missing! An open swath! Healthy creek now flows, decision to remain passive observer. Resident buffleheads. A fire of sorts:

    16. seanorr 8 months ago | reply

      Hardhack, fireweed. A birthday and a picnic. Some DJs setting up, mom worried about balloons. VanAqua on dock with binocs, searching for potential Orca. Silk Tree further in at Crab, one of six. Tansy, Queen Anne's Lace, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Butter and Eggs, Purple Loosestrife, Pearly Everlasting. Trailing Blackberry. Many Addipacks (little blue packets). Resident otter.

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