A moment on the metro

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    1. James Atherton 56 months ago | reply

      A genuinely amazing shot, you should be proud! :)

    2. antischixm 56 months ago | reply

      This image is not a new thing, it happens all the time every day for the last 100 years. Just so what you all are aware. Cool Cool?

    3. tarabrown 56 months ago | reply

      @antischixm Well I guess we should all just stop taking pictures of things that have already been taken. People take pictures of the coliseum in Rome every day or sunflowers because they want to document those things for themselves. This is a well composed photo that captures a special moment. I hope to see photos like these for my lifetime.

    4. seanbonner 56 months ago | reply

      "This image is not a new thing, it happens all the time every day for the last 100 years. "

      That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, my son was only 5 months old in this photo, there is no way he's ben in photos like this every day for the last 100 years. What do you think he is, some kind of magic eternal toddler? Have you ever seen a 100 year old that looked like a 5 month old? I mean, sure there are 100 year olds that *act* like 5 month olds, but that's not the point now is it? Also, who spends 100 years doing nothing but riding a train shaking hands with people, that would be the boringest life ever.

    5. xeni 56 months ago | reply

      this is an awesome photograph, capturing a beautiful everyday moment. you're a fuckin' crankypants.

    6. Twosixteen 56 months ago | reply

      This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Thank you.

    7. Rachel E Crawford 56 months ago | reply

      I love this image.

    8. nasoloaina 53 months ago | reply

      Metro 14 Paris ;-) ... nice picture

    9. chatnoirr 53 months ago | reply

      this makes my heart so happy :D

    10. Pauli Cutin 51 months ago | reply

      Wow.. Very cool shot !

    11. jchiangg 51 months ago | reply

      <3 <3 <3 <3 this is so beautiful! i've been wanting to capture moments like this but haven't had a good one at all yet ):

    12. Jo- H 51 months ago | reply

      Touches my heart in ways I cannot describe!

    13. bonalee 49 months ago | reply

      one of the most beautiful photos i'v ever seen!

    14. lizzzybeth 49 months ago | reply

      this is so great

    15. Kamerat 49 months ago | reply

      Amazing catch!!!

    16. AndreaHope 4 months ago | reply

      I am so happy to see how many others are also in love with this photo!! :) I used in an article, crediting you Sean. I hope you enjoy. www.nineteenmonths.com/tips-for-breaking-down-prejudice/

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