the most human color 39/365

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    blue lips
    blue veins

    worked for nine hours and by the time I felt like shooting it was all blue outside and I always find this time of day so magical and eerie

    I like asking questions on my images, I love reading your responses, what's your favorite time of the day? it can even be a specific time, like 7:34 p.m. EST. What is it and maybe link to a photo where you feel like you did it justice


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    1. Beautiful Uncertainty 22 months ago | reply

      Serene and beautiful capture.

    2. Beautiful Uncertainty 22 months ago | reply

      Oh and my favorite time of day...I have several. I love the golden hour during summer, but I also love dusk and deep night.

    3. angela ☾. 22 months ago | reply

      the light above your head, coupled with the blue of this photo is just amazing.

      my favorite time has to be just when the sun sets and the clouds and sky change colors to a bright orange, pink, purple or whatever and then it's night right after,

    4. the girl who made it on her own 22 months ago | reply

      My favourite time is 5:09 pm because in German we say 17:09 and that's the numbers of my birthday (September 17). A few years back I started noticing that I randomly check the time at exactly that time quite often, and I always smile when I catch it. :)
      When it comes to photos, it's got to be around 5pm as well on a partly cloudy day in late November. When the sun comes through the leaves of the forest and lets everything look so magical without taking too much from your vision when looking into the light like summer sunshine would do.

    5. 220495 22 months ago | reply

      Your photos are truly beautiful. I love the colours and lighting here.

    6. maybe this 22 months ago | reply

      i like it in the morning when the sun is up but not strong, and everything looks like it's falling asleep or waking up, but that's just me romanticising things. i also like that time of day because in summer the flies haven't woken up yet, and i hate flies.
      the colours in this are perfect.

    7. oblongshots 22 months ago | reply

      when there is that last glimmer of sunlight and all the twinkling city lights begin to flickr on and for a moment you feel like you are caught between two worlds and everyone who lives in the daylight is returning home and everyone who lives beneath the glow of the moon is just coming out and just for a second their paths cross and all the world is awake together and then it passes in an instance..... thats the time of day that i love the most...

    8. I should have been born british 22 months ago | reply

      I also love the heart of golden hour, and i've always wanted to do one of those silhouette shots. And i did!

      And then, like you, i also love that time after golden hour where everything is blue and the city is slowlyyyy getting darker.

      I will never get tired of golden hour. Everyone is like, " it's a sunset, you see it every day and it gets boring after a while"
      But i beg to differ, it makes the world look so much more beautiful.

    9. Aybuke Calıskan 22 months ago | reply

      I love golden hour and at winter after sunrising it is the best time for me..
      Golden hour means creative hour..
      I took this 8.20 am :)

    10. Savannah.Rae 22 months ago | reply

      Absolutely beautiful! I love it

    11. maria alba 22 months ago | reply

      between 7 am and 8 am when the day is fresh and new in the summer
      the sun lights up the grass and catches on the trees

    12. Inhalajoie 22 months ago | reply

      the golden hour because I can feel life waking up everywhere and this is a fabulous feeling.

    13. janies. 22 months ago | reply

      favorite time is right before the sun comes up and the birds are waking up and the ground is still wet and everything blue and gold all mixed together. I just love watching all the critters get ready for another day. Something about it is magical to me.

      also this is lovely. :)

    14. Greg Foster Photography 21 months ago | reply

      Wow. Really awesome shot.

      This is kinda the way i felt when i came to after being tossed out the back windshield of a car i was in that flipped. I think it was my soul making its exit. A few flatlines & defribs later, it decided to stay awhile.

    15. isisonne 21 months ago | reply

      wow! love the tones!

    16. Dave Vancouver 20 months ago | reply

      It's magic! the composition and the light is very amazing. Well done.

    17. Adam Ebihara Photography 19 months ago | reply

      So beautiful. I get lost in your photos & almost feel as if I am living within them.

    18. FreeFallinGirl 14 months ago | reply

      I just discovered your lovely photography this evening. This photo reminds me of "The Virgin Suicides", which I love. Really beautiful image. :) I also love Regina Spektor.

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