3d pan white


I wanted to do a study of the way that we see the parts of our body when they are attached and detached from their normal context. Elements that are seen as attractive, natural and even sexual can become disgusting when standing alone, without the human element. Rather than being natural, loose hair, fingernails and spit become evidence of human presence without real human context. For some reason, that trail of human waste is infinitely more repulsive than the waste before it is wasted.

I photographed the bodily elements both on and off of the body and organized them in diptychs to create and juxtaposition between the two. For the comfortable images I used warmer tones and cooler for the uncomfortable. In some of the compositions I echoed shapes and forms within the diptychs. My main goal was to create a contradiction in the viewers mind. I wanted the viewer to see the two images together and wonder why there was a difference between the two.


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Taken on April 15, 2012