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    Hi, hello, press L

    I am so proud of this and it came out of nowhere, really. Isn't that funny, the way happy accidents work?

    I am working on a series right now and I have been aching to show off the whole thing but it's not finished yet but I am too proud of this one to keep it under wraps. This project is for my color photo class, it's a home series of sorts. Ryan built this beautiful plexi glass frame for me and I've been carrying it around in the back of my car for a few weeks, taking it to multiple locations and taking self portraits with it. This one is my absolute favorite so far.

    Today I made the sporadic decision to shoot in the pond on my university's campus, my original idea involved me submerged but not underneath the frame. After shooting a few images with the original composition I wasn't pleased. And then couldn't help but fall in love with the way my dress was moving in the water, so I decided to try something different. Something very frightening. Being trapped under the plexi glass scared me but not enough to keep me from trying it.

    The water was freezing and the greatest friend in the world, James Hall, maneuvered my camera for me while I wriggled underneath the plexi glass time and time again. He helped me lug the plexi glass out onto the island we were on, he pressed the shutter, made sure I was centered and so much more.

    I am so lucky to have friends who don't think my photo adventures are crazy, who are willing to help me when I need it. I am so thankful.

    One more thing,

    When I shoot and I am really into it I get really bad tunnel vision and I can't feel anything except this intense photo adrenaline. In between shots I caught myself shaking rapidly and short of breath, but I pushed it aside and crawled back into the water over and over again. By the time we finished my feet were completely numb and walking back to the car was like torture. This photo trance could be dangerous but I live for it.

    Thanks for milling through all of these words and have a lovely night

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    1. froststrand 22 months ago | reply

      there are a lot of ophelia images, i tend to like them all. but this one has a wonderful twist

    2. Isabelle Ka. 22 months ago | reply

      i'm speechless.

    3. Kanth Basavaraju 21 months ago | reply

      Wonderful work!!

    4. inspire*dream*create* 21 months ago | reply

      so original and creative, i wish i had friends like that!

    5. MemeSanchez 21 months ago | reply

      This is an amazing self portrait, I love the look a like of a mirror and the wilderness around your frame, simply breathtaking. And indeed you have amazing friends, those are for the long way. Keep the good work.

    6. Amy Shannon 20 months ago | reply

      If I could favorite this a hundred thousand times, I would. No hesitation.
      Truly one of the best photographs I have seen, from you or anyone.

    7. ZOU Zhi 19 months ago | reply

      This is how to do it
      This is great

    8. nanicat 19 months ago | reply

      i'm speechless. wonderful.

    9. Masha Sardari 18 months ago | reply

      WOW, completely in love with this.

    10. gerard ferry [deleted] 18 months ago | reply


    11. Noelle Buske 18 months ago | reply

      This is SO incredible! Aahhhhh.

    12. Adam Raasalhague 16 months ago | reply

      just spectacular!

    13. BeanedSprout 13 months ago | reply


    14. cylon_4791 10 months ago | reply

      F n awesome!!!

    15. Tasquah 9 months ago | reply

      Very special photo, well done. I have a few scars on my knees from tunnel vision when I shoot. I get so focused on my shot I trip and fall allot.

    16. mbv331 4 months ago | reply

      Very Nice * * * * *

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