"You're Not Allowed To Take Photos In Whole Foods"

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    That's what we were told, when we couldn't resist the photogenicity of the produce display. Why? Are the radishes copyrighted?

    Anyway, I wasn't supposed to take this photo.

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    1. Pictoscribe ages ago | reply

      Then there's the more agressive option of broadcasting to flickr lovers which store did that to you, organize and e-mail campaign of people who pledge not to shop there etc. etc. etc.

    2. lydia63 ages ago | reply

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    3. Taylor Reynolds. ages ago | reply

      Really great colors!

    4. pica_parts ages ago | reply

      I work at Whole Foods Market and agree with Mrs. Chardonnay. I also know that Whole Foods is especially strict on this policy because so many grocery stores are stealing our layouts/display ideas and are trying to jump on the organic bandwagon that whole foods has been promoting for years but has just recently caught on with the mainstream.And the produce code for those radish bunches are 94089.

    5. jfsabl ages ago | reply

      I got yelled at in a D.C. Whole Foods for taking a picture of the Belgian beer I was buying for the downtown bike race the next day. This was a picture that I could just as well have taken once I was out the door--a close-up of the box. There was no posted warning about not taking pictures, and the whole experience was needlessly, pointlessly, incredibly humiliating both for me and for my D.C. host. Needless to say I have not been back to Whole Foods since. If their stuff is too valuable for my camera, and if their privacy is more important than their customer service, my money is too valuable for them. Besides, the produce looks just fine at the local farmers' markets here in Pittsburgh.

    6. sisterbeer 119 months ago | reply

      Incredibly humiliating? Interesting.

    7. jakces 117 months ago | reply

      Oooh, those radishes look sooooo great!

      I got yelled at too. Not that you can even tell that we're at Whole Foods... or see enough display to steal!

    8. sea turtle 113 months ago | reply

      Be careful, art and chel. They might bust you for stealing their display ideas for that upscale grocery store that you are starting in your garage.


    9. loswl 113 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful shot, such amazing colors!!..very nice :o)

      Congratulations this Photo is being featured in on INSPIKS .com


    10. A. Lindell Photography 112 months ago | reply

      I've been looking at your photostream and you have a great eye for composition! I have a group called I Heart Photo and we'd love to have you as a new member!
      I Heart This Photo
      I Heart Photo Group

    11. sea turtle 112 months ago | reply

      Thanks loswl and godserv! LEMONS, thanks for the comment and the invite!

    12. Bods 111 months ago | reply

      Great picture. I've borrowed it to illustrate a blog post of mine.

      Thanks for using Creative Commons!

    13. sea turtle 111 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Bods. Looks like a fine blog!

    14. NYC Style Little Cannoli 104 months ago | reply

      I just posted one of my whole foods cupcake shots on a website contest and they yelled at me on the website! www.food2.com but the funny thing is they all saw me taking photos of the desserts as they were amazing and didn't say a word. I did not see any signs in the store. I can understand the stores point of view, to a degree but I think it's crazy.
      I have also been yelled at dean and deluca in nyc as well !!

    15. stacy__k 102 months ago | reply

      I got yelled at while taking a photo at Whole Foods yesterday. I think it would be hilarious to get a whole group of hundreds of people with cameras to swarm into one of their stores snapping photos.

    16. NYC Style Little Cannoli 101 months ago | reply

      that sounds like a good idea! I am actually promoting some of these places at my blog so you would think they would be happy about free advertising!!


    17. niftybugs 91 months ago | reply

      I got yelled at this morning at Glazier's in Las Vegas. It almost made me cry! Very humiliating. They were SO rude and condescending about it. I just snapped a pic of their fresh produce because I wanted to write a review on Yelp about what a great store it was. Well guess what? I wrote that Yelp review alright -- and let them have it! Never going back there! WTF?

    18. NYC Style Little Cannoli 91 months ago | reply

      I will state a recent positive in this, I was in a place in NYC and started shooting. They quick said No Photos but I said look, I am going to promote you on my blog....it's a good thing...then they were all happy about it..asked for my card (which I do carry with me) and let me take whatever I wanted. Not sure it will work with a place as big as Whole Foods but in smaller places, it may, if they know you are helping them get business. :)

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