Close Encounters Reef, Pemuteran, Bali
Trip Time: 5+ minutes
Currents: Nothing to Moderate
Brief: Steep slopes down to 12 - 24m depth, then sandy slopes down to 30 m. With a flat top reef in a depth of 4m.

Description: A large three sided reef, two of which are very diveable, the last side is one big sandy slope disappearing into the blue. Situated two kilometres offshore Close Encounters has steep sloping sides coming up to a flat top, with ranges from 12mtrs at the far end to 3 - 4mtrs in the shallow. The slopes themselves start to level off to a gentle sandy bottom at 25 - 30mtrs. The coral cover along the slopes is a good mix of hard and soft covering; the east side is particularly good with many little nooks 'n' crannies, healthy sponges, providing many hiding places for a variety of interesting marine life. The top also has a good variety of corals, sponges, many small fish and is often home to baby sharks who like to hide under large table corals.
Good snorkelling location
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