Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali
Trip Time: <1mins
Current: Rarely
Brief: Plenty of critters and small fish, excellent for night dives straight from shore with Mandarin fish, Sea moths and other critters regular sighted.

Description: This site is located in front of Sea Rovers home port. Simply walk out from the dive centre. The shallow water 10-12mtr up to the surface and has a sand, sponges and seagrass with plenty of muck. Tons of critters, pipefish in different varieties, robust, ornate, common, seamoths, seahorses, unusal scorpionfish, devilfish and Mandarin fish can all be found here on the opposite side of the bay and with it being so shallow you have lots of time to look.

Off to the side is a small jetty which is home to many juvinile, razorfish, shrimps and many more.

Great night dive.
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