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Beijing Sunshine

I recently spent 2 weeks in Beijing, China with the idea in mind to see many things and hopefully get some good images. It seems that I caught the flu shortly after arriving there and it really hampered my plans. I had planned on going to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square as well as the Zoo. As it turned out, I managed to get to the Zoo before coming down with what I believe was airborne in my flight of 14 hours from Detroit to Beijing. I ran a fever for 5 days in the middle of the trip and it robbed me of many of my plans. I must say, that even though I spent a few days ill, I really enjoyed the trip and what I got to see.. It is hard to believe that the population of Beijing is 19.5 million people - more than 2.5 times that of NYC. Amazing place!!

Do keep in mind the air quality in Beijing is terrible and even thought there wasn't a cloud in the sky, all images are shot in real overcast conditions..

So I will be sharing with you some of my zoo shots in the next few days. Please don't feel obligated to comment as I am very busy and it is unlikely that I will have the time to return your visit and comment.. However, if you like what you see, feel free to drop a "fave" on it so I know who has been here..

I hope you enjoy and thanks for your visits, comments and faves.. They are always appreciated, even after 5 years out here in Flickrland...


This is the sun in Beijing on a calm day without a cloud in the sky... terrific air quality.

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Taken on May 13, 2012