• If he's going to fill this up, I think he needs to work a whole day. LOLOL - Keung Jai

he's showing off his "sexuality"

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for the third part of the flickr meet, we decided to head over to the south street seaport after walking over the brooklyn bridge. there we saw a juggler, who was pretty good but kept dropping his items and a yogi who went on a 5 minute infomercial on why he deserves more than just dollar bills. after hearing that, we had to stay to see how good he was. the song he used, "sexuality", was not winning him any points. after seeing his show, i had to admit he was good, but not 5 dollars a person good. so i gave him 2 bucks and we went on our merry way to the dock, where there was an incredible view of the 3 bridges: brooklyn, manhattan, and willamsburg. after taking several pictures, we decided to head over to battery park to catch the sunset.

  1. William Eng Photography (aka eggrollboy) 110 months ago | reply

    I had shots like this but I felt funny posting them up. I'm not ready for his "sexuality"

  2. zapxpxau 110 months ago | reply

    LMAO, somebody smack his butt!!

  3. cknlomein 110 months ago | reply

    zapxpxau - ohh i would have given you ten bucks to run up and do that!

  4. Sunshine Hanan 110 months ago | reply

    hahahaha that would have been funny :oP

  5. Scuzzi 110 months ago | reply

    haha, bill. you just have to embrace his sexuality, not him. =P

    zapxpxau, that would have been too funny! though i am not getting near those pants. =D

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