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Nightstand stand for iPhone

UPDATE: I've received the finished product!


- - -


Okay, first of all, I never intended this to look like a granny's version of a stand. The original design was very plain, so before I sent it off for cutting I started adding curves and pointless decorative elements will-nilly.


Only *after* I paid for the acrylic to be cut did I think to render it in SketchUp and see what it would actually look like in 3D, and that's when I realized I'd made a granny stand.


The whole point for this, btw, is so I can leave my iPhone on overnight running an alarm clock app, but shield the screen enough so that it doesn't light up the room.


I discovered red tinted acrylic, about 3/16" thick, does a great job at toning it down--and the red tint makes it quite readable but not intrusive in a dark room.


[Note: the red acrylic isn't shown at its actual thickness in this rendering, mainly because I use SketchUp once a year and I have no idea how to actually use it.]

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Taken on December 5, 2009