Diagram for HyperCamp

Now that I have a scanner I can share the diagram I've been drawing for people to explain the HyperCamp concept.


The blogging table is HUGE. Room for up to 100 bloggers (and pros).


At either end there are presentations. They might be boring, if so, no one is obligated to listen.


The room will be LOUD. Lots of schmoozing. No need to go out into the hall to schmooze. (There is no hall.)


Many of the presenters pay for the privilege. Some are given free slots because their ideas are so compelling. It's totally commercial, unlike an unconference. The idea is to put commerce together with the media. This is the press room for the 21st century.

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  • Dave Winer 9y

    Mikanboy, of course.
  • Kevin Newman 9y

    At the BlogNashville session last year, there were some people off to the side talking loudly among themselves while you were presenting/talking. I thought that it was rude of them as it made it difficult for me to hear you, the person I had shown up to listen to. You asked them (if I remember) to share with the rest of the group but not to try to talk over you.

    Is this idea for HyperCamp a change of heart on what's appropriate, or is it just a different setup that accommodates those who want a more chaotic setting? Or are the two not related?

    As long as people know what to expect going into it, I don't see how anyone could really object. Now that I read more carefully, this is taking place in a bigger room than I orignally pictured if there is room for a 100-seat table in the center.
  • Dave Winer 9y

    Different context. I can have dinner with friends at a crowded restaurant and it's no bother if people talk at the table next to us.
  • Pete Prodoehl 9y

    This looks good, but I don't have a nice laptop so I may need more desk space so I can bring my iMac...
  • Martijn Krop 9y

    Point 2 in the rightbottom corner is an import one...!
  • txkimmers 9y

    You will need 4,000 square feet for a conference table or hollow square for 100 people. Probably at least another 1500-2K of square feet for the rest of the set up in your sketch.

    Rather than a conference table as you have drawn it, why not a hollow square for 100? Given, that just as is massive, but it might be cool if you had cut-outs in it, so people could walk through it, and put the buffet in the center space, and let the schmoozing take place there. Or put the screens showing the presentations in that space. Or do seating for the table on the inside of the hollow square.

    God knows no one will be able to converse across the distance of the HS, so why not use that space, rather than just fill it up with conference table?

    Or...do this set x3, on a smaller scale. Like the multiple stages at an outdoor festival. Would still need at least 5K of square feet to make it happen.

    This is so none of my business, sorry. But I know a bit about room set ups.
  • dan rockwell 9y

    cool idea, lets go!
  • John Furrier 9y

    This idea is very strong...i believe that we will see a derivative of this very shortly...Dave seems to always have his nose on the right 'trails'
  • Dave Gray 9y

    COOL idea Dave
  • Shannon Clark 9y

    Dave, I would second the suggestion for a square - but instead of a full square, I would suggest two U shaped set ups - with a screen and projector in the middle - so something like:

    -------- ----------
    | |
    | |
    -------- ----------

    with the presentations taking place in the middle and the buffets behind each U

    this would probably allow for lots of people at the tables (seats on both sides) and might also help provide some cushion against noice in the form of the two screens in the very middle of the u's?

    I also like the idea of charging for the presentations, however a serious question.

    - Why create a formum and format that assumes a "presentation" is needed to communicate a major point? I would suggest instead describing it as paying for time in the center, with the option of illustrating a point - but equally the option of handing soething out to all present, demonstrating a piece of technoloogy live (not necessarily just via a screen) or otherwise interacting with and engaging the audience of bloggers. I suspect there are many companies that would have stronger demonstrations then any powerpoint deck.

  • Startups.in 9y

    Is there going to be a virtual conferencing session. If not, why does it have to be limited to physical audience?

    NagB /at/
  • geraldb28 8y

    20 mins * 100 bloggers = 2000 minutes = 33 1/3 hours

    Even with two tracks rolling simul... 16+ hours.

    So, three squares + goodies + drinky poos. Hella expensive!

    Tech wise - Apple's new Leopard Server would be a great tool to a) capture it all with Teams and b) the Podcast Server. Need some help on that one? Let me know I've got the angle on it covered for you (but, then, you probably know the same folks I do at Infinite Loop and then some).

    Totally doable for the right sponsor $$
  • Chris 8y

    This looks like science fiction to me. The distopian kind. It's a damn sight better than what we actually have these days, so I say go for it. We'll never forget how much better real bloggers are than the pundits this atmosphere will create.
  • Kate Raynes-Goldie 8y

    can there be buttons on the table that drop the presenters into a pit if theyre too boring?
  • Mickeleh 8y

    I second the pit-dropping buttons. (Although presenting to a crowd that is actively ignoring you may be enough of a pit in and of itself.
  • Marc Canter 8y

    where can we smoke joints?
  • Mundee Henderson Lewis 8y

    Don't forget a row of suicide booths — the kind that take PayPal.
  • wilokan9 7y

    very good idea !! let do it!

    my website
  • lottehansen50 7y

    Obviously I didn´t make it. I must applause. This setup is absolutely brilliant. Any conference should be done this way.
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Taken on January 16, 2006


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