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    I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last MacWorld I go to. The show was a total non-event, not that any shows are worth going to. I always hated trade shows. Now I have the guts to say so publicly. BTW, the badge cost $45. Waste of money.

    1. jlynch3 111 months ago | reply

      did you decide to go after the show started? There are always free badges available until just before the show starts from Peachpit, OWC, and a lot of other mac hardware & software vendors.

    2. JimA4Media 111 months ago | reply

      I agree, $45 is a waste of money. I got a free badge from a vendor.

    3. scriptingnews 111 months ago | reply

      I didn't know you could get a free badge from an exhibitor.

      But: It wouldn't be worth my time even if it were free.

      I like Flickr. This is how Yahoo makes nice to people who they want to like them. They buy Flickr so that it continues to be free. IDG and Apple could learn a bit. Why didn't they make their photo-thingie work with Flickr? Now that would have kicked ass.

    4. marccanter 111 months ago | reply

      I like Flickr and I like Dave Winer. But I get to say "I told you so". I blew off Apple in 1997 and haven't been to a MacWorld in over 15 years.


    5. Raines 111 months ago | reply

      my firm was offering free badges as late as 3 PM Friday via our website... your could preregister online and then show up to breeze in without.

      If you're going just to look at exhibits, then it definitely isn't worth it (altough there were some interesting small innovative co's around the edges, like NovaMind and Jambo, and larger trends you can observe from watching other peoples' interaction with the vendors, and the ability to hang out in say the Peachpit Press and O'Reilly booths and read their stuff on paper to get a feel for what to buy). But go for the networking, to talk to people, to hang out in the user group room, build new connections and relationships, reinforce old ones, see folks you haven't seen in years (where else would I run into Herbie Hancock?)... that's the reason why this was my 22d Macworld Expo/SF.

      I thought (from previous posts) that you had a keynote-access badge, so I'm confused why that wouldn't get you onto the show floor.

    6. scriptingnews 111 months ago | reply

      Some people are polite about it, and some people are assholes. But the truth is I didn't know, and neither did Scoble, nor did the hundreds of other people who were lined up to pay their $45. You guys have a serious attitude problem. The people who screwed up here are the greedy dickheads who charge some people $45 to walk around inside a big goddam advertisement while letting the insiders in for free. I'm proud of my badge that says blogger, and my company paid for my ticket, and that's honest. You guys who got in for free, and then have the gall to lecture us who paid, well that's a special kind of chutzpah.

      I'm with Marquis on this one.

      And god bless Don Pearson where ever he is now.

    7. scriptingnews 111 months ago | reply

      Also, check out this bit about Steve Jobs's 30-man posse.

    8. Oyvind Solstad 111 months ago | reply

      "Who charge some people $45 to walk around inside a big goddam advertisement"?

      Uhm... did it surprise you that the trade show was a big advertisement?

      That said, $45 is way too much...

    9. lisa.williams 111 months ago | reply

      All these big expos seem to be dying.

      It's kind of like the old Computer Shopper, remember that? Monthly, thick as a phone book, 98% ads -- in fact, we bought it for the ads, to look through the list of prices for memory and video cards and drives in tiny print.

      But we did that because we didn't have better options -- the net was the better option for finding out what the cheap price is on memory.

      However, it's not clear to me what the better option is that replaces trade shows. Perhaps that's because I'm a little unclear about what trade shows actually *do*. Except give out lots of swag. Maybe we should have a swagfest and give each other lots of little squeezy stress balls and t-shirts. We could do it in a park on a sunny day.

      Now that kind of sounds like fun, actually.

    10. lisa.williams 111 months ago | reply

      Lord, I really have to upload a photo for my icon!

    11. kosso 111 months ago | reply

      ha! s'funny - I thought the link that brought me here was going to be a link for 'Daveotees' to bid for your old ticket on ebay! hehe.

      I bet you'd make your $45 back if you did ;)

      yes lisa, you do need a profile pic ;) - great to meet you yesterday! :)

    12. buono 111 months ago | reply

      Lisa, you mean you don't have two squares for eyes and a straight line for a mouth??

    13. Jeneane 111 months ago | reply

      I'll buy it for $50.

    14. alexhwilliams 111 months ago | reply

      I like Flickr. I like blogs. I like search. I like the fact that my daughter is going to knit her own ipod sock. Maybe next year she can exhibit at MacWorld and give me a free pass. :-). In that light, I hear that MacWorld might have been better called MacWorld Accessories. Is there a fashion show next year? Maybe we could call it MacFash. ;-).

    15. Oyvind Solstad 111 months ago | reply

      That's an excellent idea, Alexander. So good that I had to write about it. And Anina thinks it's a good idea too (see the comments on the post).

    16. blankbaby 111 months ago | reply

      I don't anyone was lecturing you, I think they just wanted to let you know that you could have gotten a free expo pass.

      Next year feel free to email me and I will get you one (though from the sounds of it, it doesn't seem likely that you will attend).

      I also thought that you had a press pass though, and that would have gotten you on the expo floor for free.

      I think Apple/IDG should make the expo passes free since Dave is right, the hall is a gigantic ad for Apple and other vendors. That said, the conference track passes shouldn't be free.

    17. paul.kent 111 months ago | reply

      I hope it's not your last Macworld, Dave. We do our best create a showfloor and conference that is compelling and worth people's time and money. Believe it or not - charging $45 at the door has been more a function of providing an incentive for people to register in advance for free (that's what most people do and most people pay) - so we can have a some certainty as to how many people will end up attending. I will make sure you are on the list to receive the advance notices so if you want to register there won't be a cost. Now, as to the non-event aspect - don't know what you were looking for. In this day and age, tradeshows are only as good as their ability to show people new things, teach people new things, and demonstrate the value that being face to face still carries in a time where Email, IM, Blogs and Flickr-type communication take up much of our headspace. Lots of people - attendees, exhibitors, conferences go-ers, etc - really like Macworld. Tell me what you think it should do for people and maybe I can build new aspects into it that would make it work for you and people like you :-)

      -Paul Kent, Vice President, IDG World Expo (I'm the guy that runs Macworld)

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