Watch the pot boil!

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    Another cool overkill use of technology. Rather than wait for the pot to boil downstairs, I pointed the webcam at it, went upstairs, zoomed in on it, and when it starts boiling I run downstairs to put in the spaghet. Bull Mancuso would be proud!

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    1. jonknee 87 months ago | reply

      I guess they were wrong about how a watched pot never boils. Or at least there is a clause about WiFi not applying to the rule.

    2. Mickeleh 87 months ago | reply

      What kind of sauce are you having?

    3. Sue Polinsky 87 months ago | reply

      How do you see INSIDE the pot? You need an overhead cam, doncha?

    4. scriptingnews 87 months ago | reply

      Sue, excellent point.

      If you were to see the picture "live" you could see the steam rising from the top.

      And if the pot were boiling over you'd see that too.

      Mickeleh, the usual, meatballs in tomato gravy.

    5. Arnþór Snær 87 months ago | reply

      ah, the simple pleasures of nerding out

    6. d.boyd 87 months ago | reply

      not overkill, just awesome Dave! i'm longing for the day when the stove can IM you that the pot is about to boil. but then i'm also still waiting for my flying car.

    7. michaelo 87 months ago | reply

      Reminds me of Quentin Stafford-Fraser's original Coffee Pot Cam at Cambridge :-)

    8. DieWespe 87 months ago | reply

      lol. Do you use cam and a 19inch flatscreen instead of a mirrow ;-)

    9. Feralm 87 months ago | reply

      Um, 1991 called and it wants its pot back

    10. Sue Polinsky 87 months ago | reply

      I could see the picture live if you'd invite me over for dinner! Hey, is there pot-boiling RSS?

    11. metropol 87 months ago | reply

      Barilla is good. De Cecco is even better.

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