Why a simplified Facebook kicks Twitter's butt

See how Facebook deals with photos? As thumbs. How does Twitter do it? Urls. The web has graphics. Twitter pretends it doesn't. I saw how graphics apps kicked the butt of character-based apps in the 80s. Twitter is setting itself up for a repeat.


And that's not the only reason. It's really nice they do comments, and items are not limited to 140 characters. Until now what was protecting Twitter was its relative simplicity compared to Facebook. But this app shows that the core functionality of Facebook *is* simple.


Also, as far as I know, Facebook doesn't have a Suggested User List.

  • aldus_manutius 6y

  • Brian Partridge 6y

    Disappointed in Flickr for not being able to "Like" a photo... Yeah, I can "Fave" it, but I want Facebook functionality in all web apps, dammit! :o)
  • Apostolos 6y

    I agree with your points here, but I don't think that Facebook with only an iPhone app can kick some ass. It kicks asses still, without apps - but without winning -yet- Twitter. And I don't think it will. Because, for me, they are a whole different storry.
  • Apostolos 6y

    @Brian, actually it's the same thing dude. Different "gameplay" same objective. Fave=Like. Like, LOL.
  • Gareth Wong (pix.garethwong.com) 6y

    can't use/comments on features/functions of socialscope

    but it could be the answer..

  • Voitto Silander 6y

    good analysis
  • Susan Beebe 6y

    BINGO - nice summary of why FACEBOOK is winning the g@me!

  • Chris Baskind 6y

    I would be very surprised if the new "lite" Facebook interface didn't make use of what we're seeing here. I've always maintained that FB could simply roll over and crush Twitter if it wanted. Looks like they may be moving closer to the ground Twitter is holding.
  • Theo Lagendijk 6y

    This looks a lot like FriendFeed as well. Yes your right, images is essential to win the audience! (there are however Twitter clients that fetch the images for you...)
  • Dean Whitbread 6y

    yes but television came along and that didn't wipe out radio...
  • Dave Winer 6y

    Dean, but graphic computers did wipe out character-based computers. All right there are stil some servers that are command-line based. If Twitter is reduced to that then Facebook wins. Twitter ought to give up some of its religion asap. And Facebook ought to make a simpler path into their world for everyone not just iPhone users.
  • expectationlost 6y

    facebook to me is, this users hasn't.....
  • Walter Logeman 6y

    My twits go to FB, I want to quit that. FB friends say I twit too much. They are real friends and I need to respect that.

    Twitter's design lets me spout on. Partly bcause of the brevity.

    They are different, purpose flows from form and function.
  • Walter Logeman 6y

    Look how I enerted this nice thread! Through Twitter.
  • Dean Whitbread 6y

    @scriptingnews that is true.. but there is a parallel in cultural terms.

    Text is like radio - it travels easily and is thus ubiquitous, and demands attention less completely - whereas information including graphics requires more attention, like the TV.

    Habits evolve around the differences. I'll run Twitter in the background, but Facebook requires more of me, so I'll wait until I have time free for it.

    Just to blur the lines further, as Theo Lagendijk points out, when I use Gravity on my mobile, it brings in thumbnails anyway... so it might not be in Twitter's grand plan (I agree it could be a mistake) but the 3rd party apps will do it anyway.

    Thoughtful point - thanks for that.
  • Stan Wesolowski 6y

    FB negative: it doesn't allow posting of pics via cellphone MMS, only email. With an iPhone this may not be a problem, but it's easier for me to post my cell pics to Flickr, download the images to my PC, then upload to FB than it is to open a browser, login to Yahoo!, and then add an attachment to email and send. And cheaper to boot!
  • tiphereth 6y

    Just install Power Twitter in Firefox and you'll see all video an images in line with the tweets
  • Oliver Stör 6y

    Twitter can be used via SMS which is character based. Take that away and Twitter won't be Twitter any more, but just another Facebook. And who would want 2 Facebooks, instead of 1 Facebook and 1 Twitter?
  • Janet Hug 6y

    I de-linked FB from my Twitter updates. Too many updates littering FB on heavy Twitter using days. I am between both worlds, I have die hard FB friends who won't touch Twitter, and others like myself, mainly birders, who tweet about sightings, have blogs and also have FB pages. I jump between both sites to talk to my friends. What to do, what to do.....?
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