• Mac Mini
  • Wii
  • Trackpad
  • Volume control.
  • Channel changer, you control this with the mouse cursor, using the trackpad. The TV remote control is the keyboard and trackpad.
  • Rahm Emmanuel on the Charlie Rose show. He's the incoming White House Chief of Staff.

Living room computer with a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad

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It's a Mac Mini, and yes it is the media server. The image on the TV is coming from an EyeTV plugged into the Mac. After reading TechCrunch piece about the ideal laptop for TV-watching, and the jkOnTheRun comments, I wanted to show this alternative. The TV itself is on the net.

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  1. Jonathan Stark 76 months ago | reply

    Sorry, I don't quite get it... isn't it basically just a big monitor in this case?

  2. unclespeedo 76 months ago | reply

    who makes the keyboard?

  3. scriptingnews 76 months ago | reply

    Instead of having a laptop and watching a TV, the TV is itself a computer. When I want to do something on the net, I point the mouse at the menu bar, it becomes visible, pull down the View menu and toggle "Full Screen" off (either in the EyeTV software for live over the air HD broadcasts or in VLC for AVI viewing) and bring Firefox to the front and start surfing. The TV picture is still visible in a s window, while I browse. This is the way Internet and TV should integrate, imho. And you control the TV using a Bluetooth keyboard with a built in track pad.

    In the den, I have a similar setup, but use a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse (both from Apple).

  4. scriptingnews 76 months ago | reply

    Yes, the screen is a big monitor.

    The keyboard is from Logitech.


  5. moldor 76 months ago | reply

    So it's basically a Mac Mini with an Elgato TV tuner (which model ??).

    If you're using the hybrid you could run a console into it as well.

  6. ojbyrne 76 months ago | reply

    So is that a giant reflection from outside covering the lower right quadrant of the screen, or something functional?

  7. subflx 76 months ago | reply

    I'm running basically the same setup, but I have to say the diNovo Edge's trackpad & mouse-buttons really suck... :(

  8. betsythedevine 76 months ago | reply

    Nice image! I just Flickred a photo of my own setup, CNNHD on TV, your Flickr page on my Macbook Pro on my lap:

  9. rahmin 76 months ago | reply

    @scriptingnews very cool. have you blogged about your full setup in detail? You've got me interested in the EyeTV, though I'm not sure if I need it.

    I ditched comcast awhile back and have an HDTV w/ two inputs for TV viewing.

    1) mac mini where I use keyboard/mouse and webtv options

    2) HD Antennae for over the air broadcasts (get very nice 1080 PBS and major network broadcasts for free!) Currently plugs directly into my TV which has built in tuner.

    I'd love to integrate the two experiences further and add an on-screen guide/DVR into the mix... seems that this is possible here.

  10. SheldonM 76 months ago | reply

    what are you using for the monitor. maybe a dumb question since I haven't checked the market for a few years:

    Is it a flatscreen designed and marketed as a TV or designed and marketed as a computer monitor?

  11. WebSeitz 76 months ago | reply

    hey, it's WebTV!

  12. JKissnHug - Busy Watching Osprey 76 months ago | reply

    I just wish the furniture manufacturers would invent home furniture suited to our technological advances. The Detroit News & Free Press are going to partial weekday newspaper delivery in March. We are going to Sunday only home delivery. We are looking for computer oriented furniture suitable to the family room as we adjust to a more computer oriented morning newspaper routine.

  13. Jonathan Stark 75 months ago | reply

    Yeah, the guys from WebTV must be rolling in their graves.

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