Almost chosen by McCain to be VP...

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    He decided to go with someone with more experience.

    1. DNSF David Newman 80 months ago | reply

      A photogenic candidate who also would have created a lot of buzz for the campaign.

      As seen on UGLY.COM

    2. DrFran Babcock 80 months ago | reply

      Her bite is worse than her bite.

    3. david_ulevitch 80 months ago | reply

      bulldog + lipstick. Sounds about right.

    4. scriptingnews 80 months ago | reply

      She's not a bulldog, she's a cute little puppy, and if any Republicans trash her they'll have to answer to me. I'll go on TV accusing them of being puppists, or whatever the term is for monsters who discriminate against cute little puppies. They have a right to be heard too!

    5. Sam Yates 80 months ago | reply

      Wow, that cute little puppy was the governor of a state? Surely that should have gotten her on Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks". Although come to think of it, I guess Benji or Lassie would probably be as qualified for governor as Jesse Ventura or Arnold, based on their prior careers.

    6. scriptingnews 80 months ago | reply

      No she wasn't the governor of a state. She's not an elite, she's just the like the rest of us rural Americans, she doesn't have health insurance and her kids aren't going to college and she can't find a job! How dare you compare her to an elite know-it-all with a job and health insurance and education. You must be a terrorist. I'm going to report you to the Department of Homeland Security.

    7. susan.beebe 80 months ago | reply

      Check out the "caption" contest on this same doggy photo on FriendFeed ...funny!!

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