Size comparison: MacBook vs Asus

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    This picture illustrates this blog post.


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    1. KaitlinFoley 80 months ago | reply

      Hey I just switched from asus to macbook. Different strokes for different folks. To me, they're not really comparable, except for size.

    2. KaitlinFoley 80 months ago | reply

      little baby asus is adorables. i miss it.

    3. Nanda Sunu 80 months ago | reply

      what program are you using to watch TV on the macbook? not eyetv?

    4. MikeScott8 80 months ago | reply

      its not the size of the tech, its what change you make with it LOL

    5. Glenn Batuyong 80 months ago | reply

      More accurately, a 15" MacBook Pro vs Asus. How about a MacBook Air or a 13" Macbook for comparison instead?

    6. scriptingnews 80 months ago | reply

      That's actually a 17 inch MacBook Pro.

      I use both, but I was able to use the Asus to cover the DNC.

      Believe me, if you have a choice of carrying around the Asus from 9AM to 9PM in 90 degree heat, you'd take it, even if the Mac is a more powerful computer.

    7. scriptingnews 80 months ago | reply

      The software is SlingPlayer connected to my SlingBox connected to DirecTV.

    8. Automatt 76 months ago | reply

      This is why the 12" macbook was probably the best portable Apple's ever made.

    9. sloppynet 76 months ago | reply

      I have an OQO and it is too small and it doesn't fold and must be held for typing

      I have an HP tablet which is okay

      I have a Dell which is too big

      I have a redfly and i love it but it is not a pc - windows mobile on a bigger screen

      My son has the baby ASUS and I want one

      pst. Santa I've been good except for the incident with the noodles

    10. bici 76 months ago | reply

      "This is why the 12" macbook was probably the best portable Apple's ever made" Oh So True! I had one for over three years and had it on my many trips around the world. It was a solid computer and ran all the apps i needed including Adobe CS3 apps.

    11. Tom Carmony 76 months ago | reply

      I just find netbooks to be too small for me to use. If I was only writing or blogging, I could see it, but I need to have more work flexibility (and greater screen size).

      I personally think my new aluminum MacBook is the perfect balance (at least for me). The screen's big enough for graphics work, etc., but it's thinner and noticeably lighter than the old ones. I don't mind "lugging" it at all.

    12. Automatt 76 months ago | reply

      @bici I still have mine. I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Also, it runs 10.5.6 just fine!

    13. bici 76 months ago | reply

      @Automatt ... i know .. we updated to 10.5.6 as well ... my son now uses it ;) .. I still pine for it!

      Dave I think that pound for pound, inch for inch, my first choice for packing would be a 12" macbook pro. It has a great a Power 2 Weight ratio.

    14. gliff 76 months ago | reply

      I was thinking similar things a few days ago, with soem comics/manga comparisons thrown in.

    15. steelbladesnz 76 months ago | reply

      You might as well be comparing Kenworth's largest truck to a Bambina -it's a bit odd. At the very least you should be comparing the smallest MacBook (the Air) as the 17" MacBook has a *totally* different target market. The slim 13" MacBook Air on the other hand is a contender for 'really light and easy to carry' market. With its aluminum body and curved panels it's tough - yet so much less bulky than the Asus in the photo above. It's still 'different' from the Asus pictured, but the Air is certainly a more reasonable comparison.

    16. rorycberger 76 months ago | reply

      I'm with steel blades – The 17" macbook pro is, by all rational measures, not a portable computer. It is a laptop for sitting on your couch and surfing the net, or a desktop you can take from your desk into the conference room. It is silly to compare its size to almost any other laptop.

      Just because the biggest mac laptop ever is bigger than your small asus laptop does not prove the existence of a separate netbook category. It is just further proof that there are big laptops and small laptops.

    17. ☂dreamtime 76 months ago | reply

      I currently have an G4 1.25 Ghz iBook that I still use. It looks a lot like the Asus. It might be faster and have a better screen too...

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