Something interesting going on here??

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    1. John Tyra 83 months ago | reply

      ~VERY~ interesting -- I'm willing to bet this is a move to off-load some of the bandwidth that will be hammering Twitter tomorrow (6/9) because of WWDC. Smart move, actually......

    2. Tim Eyles 83 months ago | reply

      Smart move? Possibly. Paid move? Probably.

      Whatever the case, i'll be using it.

    3. _lmc 83 months ago | reply

      i'll use it too. interesting.

    4. scriptingnews 83 months ago | reply

      John, yes I believe its purpose is to offload work during the WWDC keynote tomorrow.

    5. karen_2020 83 months ago | reply

      great idea for the Twitter folks, can only help...

    6. Brian Partridge 83 months ago | reply

      How at all would this off-load bandwidth? Summize just searches Twitter for comments with "WWDC" in them. If anything, it'll just bring move database requests from Twitter! It's not as if Summize has it's own service that would siphon traffic away from Twitter... Right?

    7. aurumaeus 83 months ago | reply

      Summize can cache, potentially.

    8. scriptingnews 83 months ago | reply

      Summize has its own database. So Twitter pipes one copy of its data over to Summize and then Summize does searches against it.

      BTW, Summize is part of BetaWorks, as is SwitchABit, the company that I've bought into, so I have an indirect interest here.

    9. Brian Partridge 83 months ago | reply

      That's really interesting, Dave. Nice info. I'd love to learn more about that!

      I'll definitely be using it tomorrow morning! Right now, it seems everyone's just waiting (impatiently) for 10am PST!

    10. jamielnathan 83 months ago | reply

      $5 that Twitter falls under the WWDC weight tomorrow.

    11. visualrinse 83 months ago | reply

      very good move for Twitter. hopefully offloading the queries to summize will prevent Twitter form going down in a fireball.

    12. NoWeh2 83 months ago | reply

      Idk whats goin no! Can someone explain?

    13. NoWeh2 83 months ago | reply

      Idk whats goin on! Can someone explain?

    14. Dan90266 83 months ago | reply

      It's pretty simple. Twitter sends the data to Summize 1 time. Summize is properly structured to handle a lot of search requests. Twitter wants people to check summize for realtime info because a bunch of fanboyz pressing refresh on twitter every few seconds will kill it. Smart move by Ev. I expect to see a giant "Please check Summize for the latest WWDC info" banner on Twitter tomorrow morning.

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