Screen shot of email to Steve Jobs at Apple

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    1. evernever 88 months ago | reply

      Afaik it is standard procedure with *any* electronics company, they will restore your product to its original state, but will *never* guarantee you that your data won't be lost. That's what backups are for. And seriously, if it's true that the drive needed *repair* then neither you could access it, or if they are able to refurbish it, the person who gets it afterwards. Seriously.

    2. scriptingnews 88 months ago | reply

      Why did I let the disk out of my control?

      Because it never occurred to me that I wouldn't get it back.

      Why didn't I just grab it off the desk and run out of the store?

      A couple of reasons.

      1. It was a few days before Christmas and the store was packed.

      2. They had big security guards standing near the front of the store.

      3. When they called the police they would have never understood or believed that the disk was mine.

      I don't believe that I had any option other than to do exactly what I did -- accept that they were keeping my disk, and then raise it as an issue, in public, not in their store where they have all the power.

      BTW, it's not an issue of having a backup, I have the data well backed up (knock wood).

    3. scriptingnews 88 months ago | reply

      To the question of whether it was a warranty repair -- it was not.

      I paid $166 for the new drive plus the labor it took to take the old one out and put the new one in (less than five minutes of the tech guy's time).

    4. asayib 88 months ago | reply

      ok.. IMHO they should have given it back to u but then.. A MacBook? That's the one with the super easy system with regards to harddrive replacement, right? I mean take out the battery and then slide the drive out or something like that.. You should have done it yourself :-) save you from grief like that :-) anyhoo good luck in getting it back.. Maybe FSJ can send you a fake hard drive ...

    5. kosso 88 months ago | reply

      So, are they saying that the all the components I have here stuffed in to MY MacBookPro here in my lap which I bought don't actually BELONG to me?

      I didn't RENT this machine!!

      BTW: did you also know that every time you boot up your Mac, it 'calls home'? Whether you use .Mac or not?

      They're great machines and lovely engineering, but this kind of activity disgusts me.

      Be ware the wolf in shiny sheep's clothing.

      Hope you get your drive back.

    6. zxspectrum 88 months ago | reply

      so basically you wanted to remind us that you shared a stage with S.J somewhere around the time that "The Neverending Story" was showing at a theater near you...anyway, i am sure that it will be added to your Wikipedia page ASAP!


    7. scriptingnews 88 months ago | reply

      Me and about 40 other software developers.

    8. zxspectrum 88 months ago | reply

      it was a joke...please forgive my clownish behavior:)

      anyway, you should try dealing with APPLE in Copenhagen (DENMARK). it's a once in a lifetime experience...i guarantee it!

      sure, APPLE are assholes #$%@ but seriously, what you gonna do? switch to an XPS-Notebook?


    9. kevindick_pa 88 months ago | reply

      Dave. Did you sign a service order of any kind? If not, I don't see how you could have relinquished ownership of the original hard drive. If they refused to give it back to you, there may be an argument for petty theft here (see relevant CA penal code at

      If I were you, I'd go back and ask to speak to the manager. Threaten to swear out a petty theft complaint and follow through on it if you don't get satisfaction.

    10. scriptingnews 88 months ago | reply

      Here's the terms and conditions.

      I signed the other side of this, after the repair was done, before they told me I couldn't have my drive back.

    11. kevindick_pa 88 months ago | reply

      My reading of Section 4 of the T&C is that the term "exchanged under repair service" refers to the case of "repairing your product under your product's warranty or extended service contract". Because this isn't the case, they should return the part to you. IMHO, it's pretty clear that you didn't "exchange" anything if you paid full retail price for the drive and the parallel use of "under" as opposed to "outside" makes that the controlling circumstance for when they keep the parts. But it's a little ambiguous.

      You might try explaining the situation to the store manager, including your interpretation of the T&C. You might also tell him what your next steps will be if he doesn't see things your way.

      First, I would contact the Bureau of Electronic & Appliance Repair ( and file a complaint. The Apple Store should be registered as a service dealer. If it's note properly registered, then that may be a significant issue for them that you can leverage. The fact that they didn't provide you with the T&C beforehand seems to violate Section 2722. They may also be in violation of Section 2765 covering the return of replaced parts depending on exactly how both the T&C and the sequence of events are interpreted.

      Second, if you really want to go to the mat on this, I would contact an attorney familiar with CA consumer protection law.

    12. scriptingnews 88 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the legal advice. I really hope they let me have my drive back without having to go through all that. But I agree that it's time to modernize the laws in this area. That it's been overlooked so far is pretty amazing and alarming.

    13. kevindick_pa 88 months ago | reply

      Not actually legal advice. I'm no lawyer. Just a fellow geek who thinks you got shafted and knows from experience that CA has a lot of pro-consumer regulations.

      I really think a polite conversation with the manager will resolve this. Make it clear you'll escalate as far as possible because it's a security issue to you. If the drive is still in the store, you'll probably get it back. But it could already have been put "in the system". Then you may be hosed

      Personally, I would have asked for the manager immediately once the tech refused to return the drive, but that's water under the bridge.

    14. jasonp4571 88 months ago | reply

      @ kosso: did you know that every time you enter your bank password, it is automatically sent to Steve Jobs' iPhone?

      @ Marc van der Chijs: Did you know that there is NOT actually an Apple Store in Shanghai?

      @ scriptingnews: Did you know that, especially as a 20+ year software developer and wise, old man, you should never hand over a hard drive full of your personal data? That maybe you should wipe the drive first?

    15. j.holtslander 86 months ago | reply

      So... What happened with this matter? What was the final outcome?

    16. scriptingnews 86 months ago | reply

      They gave me my drive back.

    17. Martin Andreas 18 months ago | reply

      There is no Apple in Copenhagen "zxspectrum"...there are multiple Authorised Apple Resellers, that's not the same as an official Apple Store.

    18. Martin Andreas 18 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on the return of your drive :)

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