WTF are the bubbles about?

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    One of my Sims 2 characters all of a sudden has a cloud of bubbles around her head, all the time, everywhere she goes. What does it mean?

    1. BarelyFitz ages ago | reply

      I bet Don Hopkins did it.

    2. fearmattdotcom ages ago | reply

      Is this Sim have a very high neatness score? Any expansion packs/patches?
      Sometimes things in the Sims2 just gets broken, and restarting the game can fix it back up.

    3. scriptingnews ages ago | reply

      No expansion packs or patches.

      When she became an elder the bubbles went away.

    4. xardox ages ago | reply

      What on earth are you talking about? Bubbles? What bubbles? I don't see any bubbles! What have you been smoking???!

      To all you guys playing along with Dave and pretending there are bubbles: Stop humoring him! We've got to shake him out of it! There are NO BUBBLES!!!

    5. The 1 N Only ages ago | reply

      did you ever figure out how to fix that? i have a constant stream of bubbles coming from my guy's butt -- seriously. and it started after a bubble bath. i gave him another one, but it's still there... in bed... naked... in his clothes... all the time!

    6. scriptingnews ages ago | reply

      I never did find a workaround, but the character lost the bubbles when she became an elder.

    7. gymlover84 114 months ago | reply

      make them jump into the swimmingpool until it's gone.
      worked for me. She had them after jumping in and making her jump again made them disappear.

    8. Weisses Photography 98 months ago | reply

      Mine appeared after my dolt of a teenager (in the game) electrocuted himself and the father begged for mercy (which I don't understand because he had an F and he ticked off everyone around him)

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