Who are they?

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    What is their relationship? Where are they? What's going on with their hands? What did they do before the picture was taken? After? Why are they smiling? Who took the picture?

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    1. miss_rogue 110 months ago | reply

      Man, Bill is more wiry than I imagined! He's like the epitome of the skinny nerd on the beach getting sand kicked at him. LOL.

    2. scriptingnews 110 months ago | reply

      Which one is Bill? :-)

    3. Dimitri Glazkov 110 months ago | reply

      Stop asking all these questions! It's maddening, I say, maddening! Can't we just enjoy the moment?

    4. Chris and Jenni 110 months ago | reply

      BillG and Michael Arrington
      Just closed a deal to destroy Google
      Power Lunch with Scoble
      Went to see a movie
      Someone told them to smile

    5. kosso 110 months ago | reply

      Mike: Errr..Bill?
      Bill: Yes Mike.
      Mike: Do you mind taking your hand out of my pocket?
      Bill: Don't worry Mike, I can delay anything as long as I like.
      Mike: Thanks.
      Bill: *ahem*

    6. ricmac 110 months ago | reply

      Bill: So if I put my hand up here, will I be able to take control of TechCrunch?

      Mike: Hey if you can cut off Valleywag's air supply, go for it...

    7. slk21h22 110 months ago | reply

      Mike: You look like Don Knotts son.

      Bill: Ya well...so.

    8. MediaBaron 110 months ago | reply

      Photo taken before announcing Windows Vista delay.

    9. scriptingnews 110 months ago | reply

      Bill says to Mike, you better sit down, I got some bad news.

      He sits down.

      Okay Bill, let me have it.

      Vista is delayed.

      Tell me something I didn't know.

      You'll have to keep using XP for now.

      I got some bad news of my own Bill.

      Oh really? What is it?

      I'm using a Mac now.

      Say it isn't so.

      It's so.

      Oh well. Should I quit?

      That's up to you.

      What do you think?

      You'll have to read TechCrunch like everyone else, Bill.

    10. Hil 110 months ago | reply

      My answer about the hands :-)

    11. johncpiercy 110 months ago | reply

      Bill ,, looks too thin , ill looking

    12. johncpiercy 110 months ago | reply

      They are playing pocket pool !

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