Person with jacket on head

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    1. scriptingnews 99 months ago | reply

      Guess who the guy with the jacket on his head is. For 10 bonus points, why is the jacket on his head?

    2. m0nty_au 99 months ago | reply

      Mike Arrington trying to take smelling salts after hearing you're thinking of mothballing your blog.

      Alternatively, Sam Ruby having a celebratory bucket bong for the same reason.

    3. npfaff 99 months ago | reply

      Too much light for the laptop

    4. DrFran Babcock 99 months ago | reply

      Someone eating truffles? :-)

    5. scriptingnews 99 months ago | reply

      You guys got the reason all right.

    6. hohlwelt 99 months ago | reply

      He is eating one of those incredibly rare little birds that are drowned in armanac and enjoyes not sharing anything of the whole exercise? ?

    7. kosso 99 months ago | reply

      i think it's you! (with your ubiquitous fleece)

      also the lack of stickers on the laptop rules out loads of people.

    8. dsearls 99 months ago | reply

      Can I cheat and ask Johannes?

    9. scriptingnews 99 months ago | reply

      Doc, yes, you can ask Johannes, although that would no longer qualify as a guess because he knows who the person is.

      Kosso, every person attending this conference has received a fleece jacket exactly like the one draped over the person's head.

    10. geeknews 99 months ago | reply

      Microsoft employee using a Mac? Is it Scoble?

    11. kosso 99 months ago | reply

      Darnit. Foiled by schwag.

      But I still thought it might be you, with the grey sweater underneath.

      Looks like fun. Roll on Supernova and Gnomedex06!

    12. scriptingnews 99 months ago | reply

      Geek, Scoble is in Austin. So no, it's not him.

    13. jonnosan 99 months ago | reply

      so when do we find out the truth?

      (cue Jack Nicholson shouting "you can't handle the truth")

    14. MediaBaron 99 months ago | reply

      It's Robert X. Cringely and he's got the jacket over his head so he won't be recognized or maybe he won't share his iPizza (that's not really an iBook, it's a redesigned pizza box by Johnathan Ive).

    15. kosso 99 months ago | reply

      hey! I won!! heh

      I said "i think it's you" :)

      but then you threw me off the trail because I didn't say "it IS you!". oh well. ;)

      hmmm.. now what to spend my points on.... ?? hmmmm.... opml toys.... podcasting.... directories...

      mmm. yes.

    16. linechef 99 months ago | reply

      My first thought was the same as hohlwelt's: whoever it is is eating an ortolan. Ah, well, I suppose trying to see one's laptop screen makes more sense in context.

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