Beauty from Toxicity: Cameron Gallery
The Cameron Gallery is proud to present the art of Denise Hughes, whose work brings the problem of plastic in our oceans into sharp focus. Hughes’ large scale murals feature vibrantly colored maritime creatures created with plastic bottle caps. In the wild, sea creatures often mistake floating plastic caps for fish and either eat the caps themselves or feed them to their young. The plastic particles build up in the animals’ stomachs without providing nourishment. In Hughes’ work, the sea creatures’ forms are ironically composed of the same materials that contribute to their demise.

Hughes uses her murals to educate the public about our overproduction and over-consumption of plastic. She urges community members to send bottle caps to her studio that she then uses in her murals. In this way, Hughes both draws attention to this problem as well as removes these products from the waste stream by re-purposing them in art.

Beauty from Toxicity runs from June 19-July 11. An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 19 from 6-9PM. The evening’s festivities include light snacks and drinks, as well as free art making in the Make and Take room. This event is free and the public is warmly welcomed. Third Friday at the Cameron Gallery is sponsored by the Durham Co-op Market and Sam’s Quik Shop.
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